Trying Something A Little Different

Here is a pastel painting that is not like anything in my portfolio.  I need more summer and nature pictures for the portfolio and this is what I have down so far.  I am pretty happy with the results so far…I just need to add a couple of birds to the post with wildflowers to the background and foreground and I should be all set.  I can’t wait to see it completed.

I have included the reference photo I took in my backyard.  I just made the colors more vibrant in the quilt for intensity.  I will post the completed picture as soon as I am done.



Final Pastel Beach Picture and Two More

Hi everyone.  Here is the final pic of the pastel beach picture.  I like it although I do want to try this same picture in crisp watercolors to see what effect  I get. I have watercolor paper all sketched out and ready to go.  I will try it soon.

I also attached a first attempt at watercolors in a floral theme and a pastel pic of a cute snowman in pastels looking up with hope at a Christmas star. How’s that for diversity????  Hope you like them all. Enjoy!






Pastel Beach Picture in Progress

I am in the  process of finishing a pastel picture of a girl on the beach. This is a little difficult,  as I am at a stand still right now trying to figure out what color I should render the sky in.  The ocean is so blue already, I am wondering if I should do a pink sky.  I don’t know.

I just can’t wait too finish this and start on other projects!  I will let you know when I finish.

Girl on the beach

Strawberries and Cream/Still life In Pastels

I finished my latest, a still life.  I haven’t done a still life in a very long time, so this was interesting.  I did this one from one of my photographs.  The paper was dark and so it gave a darker tone to the picture.  When I put it in iPhoto to crop it and edit it, I decided I would see what it would look like saturated  and brightened a bit, and this is the result.  Here is the original, the darker one, and the brightened version, which I like also.  Which do you like???