Zazzle…Here I Come!

Yes, I am now trying to sell some items on  This allows me try my designs on different products and I’m hoping it will go over pretty well. Any ideas…please let me know.  There are so many products they make and I can’t seem to decide which design to go with what product!

This is all taking a lot of time and research…and my eyes are getting heavy!  Never have I stayed at this computer for so long (yawn).  I will post more there as I get more into it.  Slow,but sure….



I Am Now On “Shop Handmade!”

Yay!  I just started posting items on “Shop Handmade!”  It looks like it will take me a while to post what I want, but it’s a start.  I will be posting prints and blank note cards of prints you’ve seen in my posts.  I titled my store “McNulty Arts”-so professional!  And so it goes…..:).  Cheryl