Amish Girl With Lamb Painting

Hello everyone.  Im so sorry (as always) that I haven’t written on my blog in such a long while.  I am in like this “artist’s block” where I can’t seem to even find time to sit and paint, and when I do, I can’t get my ideas down on paper. It is so frustrating! The other day,  I just grabbed this drawing that I had half done already…inked it and started painting it, just to get in the mood again! This is tough! At least it’s in the works now.  This little, amish girl walking with her lamb is a watercolor painting …which I haven’t done in awhile, so it’s been fun!

I should just paint something daily…anything…just to get the flow going, and the practice! I am going to be in Country Sampler again soon, and this edition comes out the end of May, so I better be prepared for that. I am also going on a much needed trip to Tennessee to see my son just before the ad comes out, so I better get myself going!

But anyway, it’s another start.Hope you like her so far.


Amish Girl with Lamb

Lancaster Morning and Angel With Flowers

Here are two new pastel pictures I have been working on.  Since Christmas, it has been so hard to keep working on my art, but I finally started up again.  I tried my hand at a landscape with Lancaster Morning.  I took a photo I had from our last trip to PA and added an air balloon to it.  Then, I just had to do  one of my best-loved subject…angels. I like the way this came out so soft and looking like Spring!

Hope you like them!  Back to the drawing board…so I can show you more. 🙂Image



3 Finished Pictures

Well, here i am again, and this time I have 3 pictures I have finished and hopefully ready for the portfolio.

The Piggy Pudding picture makes me feel like I still have to add something, whether it is pockets on the apron or corner pieces of pines and berries.  I may still have to add to this one.  But the other 2 I am sure are finished.  I hope you like them…it took me quite awhile…watercolor!!!!   Enjoy!


scarecrow13 piggy3 1 piggy3

A Little Pixie (Again)

Here is an illustration of a little pixie roaming about the flowers.  It must surely be after a summer shower, just look at that rainbow!  After looking at this again, it makes me want to do more of these.  This was rather fun to do. This, also, is most probably one of those illustrations influenced by Johnny Gruelle, who did the Raggedy Ann series of books.  I did a post on him awhile back. Just love his work.

Hope you like this one!


Easter Drawing Done In Pastels

Again, here is another picture I have attempted in pastels.  Every time I do a picture, I learn a little bit more about the different techniques and blending,etc.  I still think they are a lot of fun to use, and I love the realistic results that it brings. I really could not believe the way the rabbit turned out!

I am still trying my best to get in as many drawings (paintings) as I can before mid -February, when I plan to send these out with several others to greeting card  and art licensing companies . I hope I will have a nice grouping to show.

Hope you like this one for Easter.  More to come! 🙂 Cheryl

An Easter Drawing In Pastels

My “Forever Feather Friends”

There’s a small family of birds that live at least part of the year in the gutter near my bathroom window.  On sunny days in the winter, most of the Spring and into the summer, you may hear this incessant chirping going on.  You may think this would be pleasant to hear, but when I heard it, it was downright annoying.  And all I could think was how they may be ruining the wood to my house and making a mess in my gutters! From that point on, I would try to deter these monsters by rapping a broom handle out my window and right where they would congregate.  It would scare them for awhile and provide a little relief. I was even thinking of having them professionally removed…imagine that!

Eventually though, they would come back.  They always came back.

Well, needless to say, the winter in New England this year has been a nasty one.  And I must say I have never wanted Spring more badly than this year.  I would be happy to just sit in a green house and not move.  Just breathe in the sweet air!!! Ahhhhh!  There were mounds of snow everywhere and parking was horrendous.  Snow blew off cars on highways and blew onto other cars. almost causing very bad accidents. Ahem!  I absolutely hated it.  I was done.

Well, I was getting depressed just thinking how long it would take for Spring to even get here one day as I was getting ready to go out, when there was this one particular day, it just happened to be about 40 degrees and sunny.  No wind. I opened my bathroom window and breathed the sweet air and then I heard it!  Those birds!!!  Those nasty, awful…….I mean wonderful, beautiful birds!!!!  Yes, the family of birds were chirping…and I didn’t even mind!  As a matter of fact…I loved it.  It sounded just like Spring, and I needed to hear that so badly.  It was like music.  I would never even think of chasing them away, not a chance.  I was even thinking of placing a “Vacancy” sign up just for more birds.  You know, I even protected them when a nasty robin or Blue Jay came by to intrude on my “friends”  making them very angry and upset. I rapped my broomstick at them and they flew away.

So yes, I am keeping my “Feather Friends”, at least for now.  I seem to have taken a fancy to them.  Maybe I should go out to the store and buy some birdseed, maybe even a birdhouse or two…..hmmmmm.

I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

One of my "Feather Friends"




Berry Days

This is a print I did because of my love  for the Springtime,  and also, for  berry picking. 

I love going to the local farm stand and going on the tractor ride early in the morning.  Just hearing the sounds of the large field sprinklers and the families with their children, and all the excitement in the air.  Everyone gets a basket and gets dropped off in the field.  You can pick as many berries you’d like, and then when you take them home (if you don’t eat them all in the car), you get to decide what you can make with all those juicy berries!  And there’s plenty of options!

Just thinking of all this makes me want Spring even more!  I can’t wait!

Enjoy! 🙂

Berry Days


Ahhhh, Strawberries and Cream! Delightful!

Stop And Smell The Flowers

This is another quote to live by.  We are all so busy that sometimes we don’t even see what’s going on around us.  Sometimes, we need to just take it slowly…breathe deep…take it all in.

I wish it were Spring right now, I’d be outside in a second, finding some lilacs!!!! 🙂

Stop And Smell The Flowers

Let It Snow

This is for today…since we are going to get whacked with snow!    I don’t really mean this, as I really want spring.  Maybe I should make an illustration titled “Let it Be Spring!”

Looking outside my RI home right now (it’s 5:10 a.m.) there is nothing on the streets as of yet.  Not a flake!  I can hear them on the weather channel in my living room how bad this is going to be!  My husband is in Texas for a few days, so this ought to be really fun.:(

I can’t believe how fast things can change with the weather.  Yesterday it was so nice and sunny and looking outside now, I’m  thinking how I’m really going to miss being able to park on the street next to the curb, instead of a large snowbank.  I don’t want this!!!! 

Let it be Spring!  Let It Be Spring! Let It Be Spring! 🙂

P.S.  Guess I will use this time to post more work on Shop Handmade or Etsy.  Going to look up Etsy again!  Later

Let It Snow