New Amish Painting: First Snow At Dawn

I finally finished this piece! I have been working so hard at this and I am so happy with the way it turned out.  I never thought I could actually paint a horse and make him look realistic, but I think I accomplished that here.

When I first drew this out, I was imagining two amish children bringing their horse into the barn in the early hours of the brisk, morning. They are about to go inside, when something startles them, and as they turn to look around, it happens!   The snow starts falling! The First Snow at Dawn.

I really hope you enjoy this one. It’s like the painting is telling it’s own story.


First Snow At Dawn

Blackboard Snowman In Pastel

I just did a re-do of an old design for Christmas.  It’s a snowman done in pastels on black pastel paper. The results look like a drawing done in chalk on a blackboard, which is a popular look today in art design.

I really like the look.  I think I will try other designs just like this with other seasonal images.  Back to the drawing board!



Same Old Lang Syne By Dan Fogelberg Video

Hello everyone!  Hope you had a great New Years!

Just wanted to share this video of a great song I remember from the 1980’s, but you can relate to it even today.  This must have really happened to him as it is just too perfect.  Just a nice New Years song for celebrating times past.  On with the new!


Aspenglow By John Denver (Another Christmas favorite)

Here is another one of my favorite music pieces for Christmas.  We played this album to death in the 70’s.  I would sit on my couch and look out at the snow when I would play this song. So beautiful!  Now my kids love this song, too.  They should, they heard it enough!

I loved John Denver and felt so bad about his passing.  What a great  musical artist he was.  He seemed as if he could paint a picture with words.



My “Forever Feather Friends”

There’s a small family of birds that live at least part of the year in the gutter near my bathroom window.  On sunny days in the winter, most of the Spring and into the summer, you may hear this incessant chirping going on.  You may think this would be pleasant to hear, but when I heard it, it was downright annoying.  And all I could think was how they may be ruining the wood to my house and making a mess in my gutters! From that point on, I would try to deter these monsters by rapping a broom handle out my window and right where they would congregate.  It would scare them for awhile and provide a little relief. I was even thinking of having them professionally removed…imagine that!

Eventually though, they would come back.  They always came back.

Well, needless to say, the winter in New England this year has been a nasty one.  And I must say I have never wanted Spring more badly than this year.  I would be happy to just sit in a green house and not move.  Just breathe in the sweet air!!! Ahhhhh!  There were mounds of snow everywhere and parking was horrendous.  Snow blew off cars on highways and blew onto other cars. almost causing very bad accidents. Ahem!  I absolutely hated it.  I was done.

Well, I was getting depressed just thinking how long it would take for Spring to even get here one day as I was getting ready to go out, when there was this one particular day, it just happened to be about 40 degrees and sunny.  No wind. I opened my bathroom window and breathed the sweet air and then I heard it!  Those birds!!!  Those nasty, awful…….I mean wonderful, beautiful birds!!!!  Yes, the family of birds were chirping…and I didn’t even mind!  As a matter of fact…I loved it.  It sounded just like Spring, and I needed to hear that so badly.  It was like music.  I would never even think of chasing them away, not a chance.  I was even thinking of placing a “Vacancy” sign up just for more birds.  You know, I even protected them when a nasty robin or Blue Jay came by to intrude on my “friends”  making them very angry and upset. I rapped my broomstick at them and they flew away.

So yes, I am keeping my “Feather Friends”, at least for now.  I seem to have taken a fancy to them.  Maybe I should go out to the store and buy some birdseed, maybe even a birdhouse or two…..hmmmmm.

I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

One of my "Feather Friends"




Snowy Days

picture of my daughters with friend sledding

Here is a photo that a friend of my daughters took when they went sledding last year.  On the end, and in front  are my daughters, and her sister is in the center.  I don’t know what it is about this picture, but I can’t stop looking at it.  I smile everytime I look at it because of my daughter’s face (Caitlin, on the end)!  It is perfect!  Her little red-button nose and her expression, plus the other’s expressions, make this feel somewhat like a Norman Rockwell painting.  I don’t know if this was planned, but it perfectly depicts the fun of a snowy day.

The image I'm using for a memo board

I now have used this photo for everything! As you see here, I have also taken the photo and enlarged it to put under a glass frame and use it as a wipe off memo board.  I put the  faded words “fun” in two colors, just so it would slightly fill the empty space and it doesn’t clash with the notes I write on the glass.  Another great idea from “Real Simple” magazine!

Ahhhh, so creative! 🙂

I just had to share this.  hope it makes you smile, too!  Enjoy!

Where Are You Christmas???? (Music Video)

I just don’t feel the same about Christmas like I used to.  I don’t know what it is.

Yes, I am 50, but I have always been a kid at heart.  I still feel like a child all over again at Christmas…usually.  I have my tree up, my lights and greenery with my treasured carolers on my mantle, my miniature village with it’s fluff snow on my tabletop, but still, something is missing.  So I play my Christmas cds,  I put my candles in the fireplace and spray the air with every Christmas scent I can find…but still I don’t feel it.  Not like I used to. Not in my heart.

I keep buying various little Christmas trinkets and figures and candles, hoping maybe one more item will do the trick. But it doesn’t.  I even give to the Salvation Army lady with the bell at the local store. Nothing!

I long so much for the Christmases from my past.  Coming home from school, knowing vacation was around the corner, which seemed to last for forever.  The days seemed colder and snowier, but we never complained.  The more snow before Christmas the better.  Christmas cards covered my front door  and even spilled over to my archway.  Carolers would stroll the neighborhoods and people smiled!   There were only a few stores around  then that you could actually shop at, and so, they were extremely crowded, but it was exciting.  My mom would put everything on Lay- away.  No charge!  We  also had the huge freshly, cut tree with the large lights. It was so beautiful, I would just stare at it for hours.

My father would deliver dry cleaning and would get the biggest tips at Christmas.  He would show us his pile of Christmas cards from his customers, and we would open them one by one at the kitchen table  after dinner and count the tips.  I swore we were rich then!  He’d also get bottles of wine and christmas cookies or bread.  Christmas was in the air.  People were friendlier.  And we couldn’t wait until the annual Charlie Brown Christmas and the Grinch shows came on…then you knew it was definitely Christmas!

Even though we didn’t have alot of money, we had tons of presents under that tree.  I loved the christmas pajamas and slippers!  I couldn’t wait to put them on at night, so soft and warm.  AAAHHHH.

I don’t know.  I try and make it the best I can for the kids.  I just can’t put my finger on it.  I  guess part of it is fear.  Fear of what is going on in the world today.  I just can’t put myself at ease anymore.  I feel like I’m always on guard and waiting for something to happen.  I think part of it is the terrorism around the world I think about and how everyone just seems so stressed today.  The money problems and debt. Foreclosures and homelessness.

Another thing that really bothers me is that everyone has a phone and it follows them everywhere.  I hate it!  No one even looks around anymore.  They all look down and stare blankly at these glowing screens like they are hypnotized with the  light  reflecting off  their faces.  As they go by they are talking, and you  turn to respond, because you think they are talking to you.  Talk about feeling stupid!  And If they are not texting, they are playing games or reading e-mails.  It’s all about the phone.  Like the 60’s, I would like a phone to just be mounted on my kitchen wall…and keep it there!

Also, today everything is on a charge card and most of it is used for electronics at Christmas.  Massive flat screen tv’s, standing in mega lines to get the latest fad for our children. That’s not me and it will never be.

As for me, I just want to curl up on my couch in my fluffy robe, turn off all the lights, put my Nat King Cole cd on and stare at my tree, think back and remember.  Remember when it was good.  I ‘m trying , I’m really trying.

Come on, Christmas.  I know you are there. Help us find you again. 🙂

Snowflakes That Fall (colored pencil drawing)

Here is an illustration that I intended for Christmas and the winter season, but boy,  with this heat this past week, I could really use a snowflake right about now!!!!

Somehow this makes me feel cool just looking at it.  Ahhhh.  Come on snow!!!! 🙂  Cheryl

Snowflakes That Fall

Let It Snow

This is for today…since we are going to get whacked with snow!    I don’t really mean this, as I really want spring.  Maybe I should make an illustration titled “Let it Be Spring!”

Looking outside my RI home right now (it’s 5:10 a.m.) there is nothing on the streets as of yet.  Not a flake!  I can hear them on the weather channel in my living room how bad this is going to be!  My husband is in Texas for a few days, so this ought to be really fun.:(

I can’t believe how fast things can change with the weather.  Yesterday it was so nice and sunny and looking outside now, I’m  thinking how I’m really going to miss being able to park on the street next to the curb, instead of a large snowbank.  I don’t want this!!!! 

Let it be Spring!  Let It Be Spring! Let It Be Spring! 🙂

P.S.  Guess I will use this time to post more work on Shop Handmade or Etsy.  Going to look up Etsy again!  Later

Let It Snow