Magic Of The Night Pastel Drawing

This picture was just a whimsical piece I needed to add to my portfolio.  I love snowmen, and love to draw them at odd angles for interest.  This was perfect.  For days I had the drawing half done, with the snowman just looking off into blank paper.  I couldn’t figure out what to put as the background, so I left the drawing half done and off to the side until this idea came to me.  It’s just a cute random Christmas drawing.  It was fun to just not be so picky and have fun with this.  Like I was back in grade school with my blank manila paper and crayons.  Love it!

Hope you like it.

Magic Of The Night


Now Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding!

Here is a silhouette I made for Christmas.  I know! I know!  It’s not even Halloween yet, and I’m posting Christmas ideas.  Just like all the stores, right?

I just think it would make a cute,simple Christmas card, or print to hang on a wall with just a plain black frame.  Display some holly above it just to add to it a little bit, and you have a conversation piece!

Anyway, I will post this on my Etsy store asap.  Hope you like it!  🙂 Cheryl

Now Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding!


Here Is Another Silhouette

Here is another silhouette I created.  It’s a little child (could be a boy or girl) with her dog.  I like the way this turned out and am really amazed how quickly I took to the art of silhouette cutting.  I know I have much more to learn, and I can’t wait to try different designs.

I probably will be selling these online as well, but I am thinking of changing over from Shop Handmade to Etsy, only because I like the set up better. There seems there’s just too much on the Shop Handmade pages when you sell an item.  I have inquired about how to set up again with Etsy, since I used to sell with them over a year ago.   I will let you know.

Hope you like the design. 🙂  Cheryl

Child With Dog

Another Silhouette

Here is a pic of a silhouette I had done for my sister-in-law for Christmas.  It looks kind of peaceful, doesn’t it.  i told my sister-in-law you could look at it as a vintage picture, a woman reading a book in her long dress (looking out the window) or it could be a picture of me with my hair up and a “snuggie” on!  🙂

Looking Out The Window

Just Another Day?

Hello.  Well, it’s 2010 and today feels like any other. But once the kids go back to school and everything starts going back to a schedule, we’re getting down to business.

 As I am getting older, it seems like I don’t want to do anything for New Year’s Eve anymore.  I am happy to sit in my warm house and watch Times Square from the television, say “Yay!”, kiss my kids and go to bed.  Oh, well.

As far as my artwork goes, I plan on putting my things up for sale on “Shop Handmade”  soon.  I already tried “Etsy”, but I seemed to get lost in the sea of artists and jewelry makers.  With the economy, the way it is, no one seems to be really buying. I will try it none the less.  I also plan on sending some of my colored pencil work out to greeting card or licensing companies.  I will not give up and I will keep you posted.  I know my work belongs out there somewhere, but where?  I hope this is the year I find out.

Anyway, here is another silhouette picture I hope you enjoy.  Happy New Year.  Cheryl