Best Friends, Portrait of an Amish Girl With A Rabbit


Here is a portrait of an Amish girl with a rabbit titled, “Katie With A Bunny” .   I wanted her to look like she was very serene and peaceful and above all, caring. The rabbit here was to add that quality and also to add extra softness to the picture. I hope you like it.Katie fx (1)brdrwm

Amish Girl In The Garden, A Pastel In The Works

Hello everyone.  The weather here is yucky and so I am blogging and then going upstairs and painting with my pastels!  Because it makes me happy!  Here is a picture in the works right now.  This started to be an angel, but decided to try an amish girl instead.  I love the amish culture and the peacefulness and quiet of the country there.  The amish girls in their colorful dresses just add to the beautiful landscape.

I can’t wait to see how this looks finished.  She will be framed in flowers as if she is in a garden, and a butterfly will be flying toward her.  I will update with the finished picture!  Hope it is a great pic!  We’ll see!


Simple Gifts with Alison Krauss and Yo Yo Ma/Video

Here is a duet done by two great artists, Yo Yo Ma and Alison Krauss.  The lovely music along with the sound of the deep sound of the cello and Alison’s angelic voice make for a beautiful piece here.  I did post a video with this piece early on when I first started this blog, and I feel I just have to post it again.  If you feel stressed out lately, just sit back and enjoy this one.  It seems to bring everything back in perspective.  Nice video, too.  Enjoy!  🙂

Another Oldie But Goodie

Here is a picture I came across that I did back in the 70’s.  It was a design I brought to the printers back when color was way too expensive.  That is why the colors are so plain.  Done in ink and red marker, I still love the way it came out.  I can still see that I’m dreaming of places of solitude and open spaces.  The picture, I think evokes the feeling of calm.  I want to be there…now.  After all these years, I can see that my pictures all try to do the same thing…bring the viewer into my world.  The world where it’s always peaceful and full of flowers.  It’s a dream I guess…but a good dream. 🙂

Dreaming Again

A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It

Hello again.  I posted this video because it is a beauty, and if you have 3 minutes to spare, I’m sure it will relax you.

The music is from one of my favorite movies, and I love movies with deep meaning.  It is a moving story of a relationship between father and sons.

They say it is a true story of two boys, Norman and Paul, growing up in Montana  One is rebellious of his father, Rev. Maclean, while the other has his feet on the ground.  The one love they all share is fly fishing.  I believe it was directed by Robert Redford, a plus in itself, but  also Brad Pitt plays the rebellious son-another plus!  Please watch the movie sometime, you will surely love it.

Hope you love the videos. 🙂


Let Us Be Silent

There are times when you just have to relax, get away and just have some quiet time.  Get away from the phones, the pagers and everything else that is constantly in our daily lives every hour of the day.  I believe, no matter how much we love the conversations and constant interaction with others, sometimes we just have to break away and just find a quiet place,close our eyes, and enjoy the peacefulness.

Go outside and sit on your deck, or go for a ride and park near a pond, park, or quiet woods. Turn off your car and just sit (no phones allowed). Close your eyes and just listen to nature.  The sounds that you were meant to hear, but are blocked out daily by all the technology in our lives today.  Wow…birds!!!!  Look at that sunset!   Are those tree frogs I hear???  It’s amazing.  When your mind has time to be free and is able to wander, it’s amazing all the things that come up in your mind that usually you wouldn’t even think of.  Dreams you have always had, memories of times when you were young and free, maybe you could foresee a vacation in your future.

There are many times I feel the need to get away and sit by myself away from everyone.  In the summer, I do this alot.  After I clean up the supper dishes and the dog is all set, everyone seems to go into the living room and watch tv, or  go in their rooms and turn the radio on,  sit at the computer,etc.  I retreat and go onto my back deck, sit on my bench with the soft pillows, lay my head back and listen.  I could sit there all night long… listening… watching…and I usually do, until I hear through the screen door someone say, ” Hey,where’s Mom???”  That’s usually when they find me, and before I know it, I have company enjoying the quiet with me.

 It’s refreshing, especially for the soul.  I really believe it helps me to be more creative.  It must have something to do with all the “senses” coming into play. I don’t really know, but I know that is good and I know that                                                                

Let Us Be Silent

 it is necessary.

Anyway, that is what this quote is all about, and I believe it with all my soul.  Enjoy. 🙂  Cheryl

The Amish

To know me is to know I love anything to do with the Amish.  For more than 10 years my family has traveled to Lancaster, Pa and stayed for 6 days at a time… never wanting to leave.  It is peaceful and serene. The countryside…breathtaking.  I always thought I wanted to move to the country when I got older.  But country in RI is to be in the middle of nowhere and placed in the middle of hills and tall pine trees.  You cannot see the horizon as you can in PA.  There are a couple of main roads with traffic and lights, but you can take a side road, and  suddenly you are in the middle of paradise.

Every time we go there, we take a side road and travel up a distance until we are in the middle of never-ending farms.  We shut off the car, and you hear nothing!  Look up ! There are no wires over your head.  It’s so quiet, you can hear the rustling of the grass and  towering cornstalks.  The many meadow butterflies flit close to the ground, and  in the fields,there are cows grazing at every turn.  It’s beautiful.

What adds to the already peaceful and serene setting are the Amish people who ride back and forth in their black and grey buggies. They are pulled by sleek, brown horses.  The sound of their trotting is like music to me, and I open a window as we pass just to listen. The Amish people are friendly, but quiet.  The women wear bright dresses and heart-shaped bonnets and often go barefoot on hot summer days.  The men seem to never sweat in their heavy, black pants and straw hats.  You have to experience this to completely understand the feeling you have when you are there, and somehow,  you will never want to leave. 

The experience always makes me feel refreshed, and lets me feel I can go on for the rest of the year, until I go back again. As long as I can go back!

Well, it’s been about 6 years since we have gone last, and now even the kids miss it.  We had made close friends with an Amish family there.  They have a quilt shop on their property.  They have  a daughter of Caitlin’s age, and we  have eaten at their home, and  once, they even came out to dinner with us. Kathryn, the amish girl, invited us one year to her school house to meet everyone.  We went (at first hesitated) and realized “we” were the one’s being stared at and whispered about.  But they gave us gifts and asked questions and were so friendly.  I’m so glad we went.  We will never forget the experience.

The amish family was sadly one of the families that were affected by that awful Nickel Mines shooting.  Their grandaughter was the 13 year old Marion Fisher, and all I could do was cry.  I have tried to contact them since then with cards and such, with no response.

We are going to try to go this summer as a family again, before everyone here goes their separate ways with work and college, etc. We want to remember the feeling again.  The calmness and just enjoying nature and each other’s company in a less stressed environment. To be childlike again…and  also, just maybe,  we will still find that Kathryn will still be there.  We can only hope!

Amish girl, Kathryn, with cousin maybe 9 years ago