I am now on Etsy!

Hello all! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am now on Etsy and I am trying to post new items everyday. This is taking some time, but please have patience with me. I will be selling mostly prints and cards and hopefully some other products as I go further along. If there is anything you would like to see or items you think I should sell please let me know. My Etsy address is http://www.etsy.com/shop/cherylmcnultyart

I hope you check it out. Thanks all and have a great New Year!collageforblog

The Brightest Star

Here is a picture I had done about a year ago, but I was never really happy with the way the faces turned out on the snowmen.Here is a revised version, where I just painted new faces and placed them right over the old ones, since I am not computer savvy…:)

I really like the concept…hope you like it.


Santa and Snowmen, New Pictures

Sorry so long in posting…I have been busy trying to find which media to stay with, as I am all over the place.  I seem to be falling back to pastels though, as I really love the realistic look to it.

I did the snowmen pics in acrylics, which were fun…but the Santa was really fun.  I just love to blend and get the colors so vibrant!  Anyway, I hope you like these.






Two more Scarecrows…and a Santa

Here are two more scarecrows to continue the Friendly Scarecrow series.  I really like the one where he is jumping in the leaves!

I had sent my online art portfolio to Porterfield’s Fine Art and the president of the company sent me back some encouraging words within 10 minutes of sending it to them.  He suggested I try acrylics for more color saturation as art licensing companies look for saturated color. He said he could not use my art this point in time. but it was “Awfully good”.  I’ll take it!  Usually you get nothing back but a rejection letter.  This was nice.

He did like my scarecrow and my santa holding a present, which explains the reason for all the scarecrows.  The more the better!  Hope you like them.






Santa In Pastel

I forgot to post this picture.  I keep creating the Christmas designs because that is always the most popular with any kind of Licensing company or Greeting card Company.  So even when it is hot and summer-like, I probably will still be pumping out Christmas.  Oh well, at least it’s a fun holiday and you can think of so many ideas.

But anyway here is the latest and as you can see it is in my new banner overhead.  I posted one with and one without text, just for interest.  Hope you like it.

Santa peeking

Santa peeking


3 Finished Pictures

Well, here i am again, and this time I have 3 pictures I have finished and hopefully ready for the portfolio.

The Piggy Pudding picture makes me feel like I still have to add something, whether it is pockets on the apron or corner pieces of pines and berries.  I may still have to add to this one.  But the other 2 I am sure are finished.  I hope you like them…it took me quite awhile…watercolor!!!!   Enjoy!


scarecrow13 piggy3 1 piggy3

Pastel Drawing of a Scarecrow (Fall House Flag Design)

Hello!  I just added this one to my portfolio.  I have been trying to add as many seasonal categories as I can to get a good variety of designs to showcase.

I really like this one because I really like the angle I went for.  It’s a little different from anything I have done.  I think I want to create more pictures drawn at different angles, instead of the typical straight view.  It’s a little more interesting.  The colors came out great and I used the smooth side of the paper, instead of the rough waffle-like side that leaves the funny pattern in your picture.

Anyway, I know it’s almost Spring, but hope you like my scarecrow for Fall.


Mr. Scarecrow

Singing Santa and Reindeer

Here is a pastel picture I just completed, based on an old colored pencil drawing I did awhile back.  It was originally drawn for my husband’s Christmas birthday, and Santa and the reindeer had party hats instead of the santa hats.  It also had text that read, “Merry Birthday To You!” at the top.

I just figured I would make it a general Christmas card design, instead of a birthday one.  I do like the way the colors came together here, they are definitely warmer and softer.  It was harder to render in pastel as it is hard to get into tiny spaces and the control is a little different.  I did it though. I also left a considerable amount of space at the top of the design, so whomever decides to use the design can put their own text on it.  It won’t limit it this way.

Hope you like it!  Let me know what you think, oh and also, if you would, please “like” me on Facebook  (that you see on the side of this page here) it would be neat to see the number of  my 27 fans go higher  and  I’d get more views this way. Thanks all!


Singing Santa and Reindeer

Merry Birthday To You – A Christmas Birthday Card

Here is a card I designed for my husband way back when, because he just so happened to be born December 25th.  Isn’t that funny.  I love Christmas to death, and I get a husband born on that day! What are the chances?

Anyway, I just thought I’d be clever and dress the reindeer and santa in party hats and have them sing over a figgy pudding instead of a birthday cake.

I like the picture, but because it was done long ago, I want to do it over. Maybe get rid of the text and change that up a bit or even make another design and make them all wear santa hats instead.  I haven’t decided yet.  I do know I want to do another version though.  For now, here is the original.  Enjoy!