Hudson, A New Portrait in Pastels

Hello! I must have forgotten to put this latest edition up here! It must be an age thing!
Anyway, I was asked to do a portrait for my sister-in-law of her grandson, Hudson. I couldn’t wait to get right to it as he was such a beautiful little boy. Just look at that perfect face! I must admit though, when I saw the striped hoodie, I was afraid to even attempt it, as I thought it would not look right. But I got in there and said to myself that it was another challenge, and If I didn’t try this, I wouldn’t try anything new. And you know what, it didn’t even hurt! It actually adds to the painting.
So all in all, this portrait was another stepping stone for me…just keep growing and learning…and I love it. (Just to let you know, you can see the original on my Facebook page on the right here…just click and scroll down a few posts)


Pastel picture of Dog on Velour

I did this as a surprise for one of my husband’s co workers.  She loves her dogs and so she sent a picture to him of her baby on his computer.  I needed practice, and so she will get this on her desk on Wednesday, not expecting anything.  I hope she likes it.  It’s so much fun watching the picture come to life before your eyes!


First Attempt Of A Horse In Pastel

Here is the first attempt of a horse in pastel.  The picture was from a friends photo that wasn’t the best as I really couldn’t see the eyes and the picture itself was fuzzy.  I did the best I could and I did this on velour, which made it much more difficult.  I am not really happy with the color choice of the background, as it doesn’t really make the horse “Pop” which I wanted.  I am not too familiar with doing backgrounds on velour and so I was afraid to even attempt that yet.

I am going to try this on a smoother paper which I can blend on and put a background that brings it to life…I hope.  I will share it after I complete it.  Let’s see the differences between the two then.  Anyway, hope you like the attempt. 🙂


“Sometimes”, said Pooh…an illustrated quote

This watercolor picture I did for a niece who is having a baby in September.  She loved this quote and so I used it just like it came from the book and altered a vintage drawing of Pooh and Piglet walking up a hill.  I tried to color it to look like it was old so it is not bright in color, but adds to it I think.  Ernest Shepard is the original artist of the drawing, I just changed it up a bit.  Hope you like it.

Pooh and Piglet

Sweet Dreams Baby Pastel Picture

I ‘ve been wanting to do a baby picture for a while, and so when my nephews wife’s baby shower came up, I figured I would give this as a print with the baby’s name as a gift.  I was so happy with the way it came out.  The tones were just what I wanted.  The baby looks so pink and new.

Hope you like it!  I can’t wait to try to do a few more babies now. 🙂

Sweet Dreams Baby Pastel Picture


Butterfly In My Garden

Here is a picture I took in my garden of a butterfly landing on a lavender bloom.  It took me so many shots just to get the right one as it kept going from bloom to bloom.  Doesn’t it know to just stay still when I want to get it’s picture!  It turned out rather well, and so I am selling them on note cards on my Etsy Store.  They are also scented which makes the card even more interesting.  Hope you like the pic and check out the listing on my Etsy site at:

I also took a very cool “bee” shot.  This is so much fun!  Enjoy! 🙂

Butterfly In Action


Bee In Mid-flight!

Life Is Not Measured

Here is another quote I had to illustrate awhile back.  I haven’t been able to illustrate anything lately, and it makes me very frustrated when I can’t draw.  I have to really make a schedule and put time aside to do this and soon, or I think I will go nuts! 

But anyway, I like the way this one turned out because the colors came out soft and it’s just a girl enjoying a rainbow.  I haven’t seen a rainbow in awhile, but when I do, (it usually happens in the back of my yard by the cemetery), I run around the house like a maniac and tell everyone to look.  It’s like I forget everything else.  And then, in a moment, it is gone.  Even when I take a picture of it I know I can never get the full effect of what I just viewed.  It never gives you that “awesome” factor of it just looming over your head, all these muted colors in the middle of nowhere!  Perfection!

Hope you see a rainbow soon.  Enjoy!  🙂

Life Is Not Measured

An Unfinished Picture

I came across this picture in my old pieces of artwork from when I was a teen (which was the 70’s).  Back then,  my drawings were mostly of fairies and girls that stood along the coastline or on hillsides.  I don’t know why, I guess it’s just the way I was feeling. All about solitude and fantasy.

I rather like this picture and the way the figure is sitting, and I know that I was intending her to pull aside a blade of grass to view something…I don’t know what though.  I’d like to finish this picture,  and instead of the crayon I used here and old manila paper, use my bristol board and colored pencils.  I will try this and then post it when I am done.

Time here is just a little shorter as I have started a new job, but I am determined not to stop my drawing, so hang in there with me.   I also intend to try more fairy pictures as they seem like great fun!  Thanks. Enjoy!  🙂

An Unfinished Fairy Picture

The New Year Starts

Okay,I thought this would be a great start to a good year.  We were just starting to get orderly again.  Schedules put together, school starts up again, the budget is set, goals are planned…but that’s too easy.  Just when we thought we had it together, we get caught off guard.  I had to take my 9 year old min pin Max to the vet for excessive drinking and urination, along with some other ailments.  I find out he has diabetes.  The vet hands me a bill for $600.00 like it was nothing, for a few days stay and to monitor him.  I couldn’t speak.  It was like it hit me like a rock.  My husband has pre-diabetes, or so they say- so I’ve seen him checking his sugar everyday and I know a lot about it because of his own father and his diabetes. But my dog!  Insulin shots, maybe twice a day!  I can’t fathom it.  So now we wait and we have to make a decision.  It’s not easy.  Life’s put on hold for a week for now.  I’m checking everything out on the web and I’m going to check  everything out I can.   I don’t know. 

I will let you know on his progress and what we plan to do.   

Until then, take care.  Here is a picture  I drew with a quote that means a lot to me.  Enjoy. Cheryl