Santa and Snowmen, New Pictures

Sorry so long in posting…I have been busy trying to find which media to stay with, as I am all over the place.  I seem to be falling back to pastels though, as I really love the realistic look to it.

I did the snowmen pics in acrylics, which were fun…but the Santa was really fun.  I just love to blend and get the colors so vibrant!  Anyway, I hope you like these.







Colored Pencil Drawing entitled “Recess”

Here is a colored pencil drawing  I did awhile back while my kids were in catholic elementary school.  I actually sold a lot of these at school events.  I still love the look of the uniforms. They were the best!


An Old Easter Illustration

I’ve been going through my old drawings to see if I could find some interesting pieces to show you.  I came across plenty, and I will post them a little at a time.

It’s so interesting to see what I have created over the years, to see how my artwork has evolved over the years.   Back then, I did a lot of  my  illustrations in watercolors and marker, then  changed over to ink and colored pencil.  Also, I did a lot of portrait work back  then in pastels and charcoal, and even now when I look at those pictures, I can’t believe I did them as well as I did.  Everything was pretty balanced, from the nose to the eyes.

Well, here is an Easter illustration I created I think around the 80’s or so, and I remember how happy I was when it was completed because I was proud of myself that it came out so colorful and crisp and clean. It looks like I would find this in a store!  Oh well, maybe someday….

An Older Easter Illustration (around 1980's)


 Since Easter is around the corner, I guess this is appropriate.  Enjoy! 🙂