Butterfly In My Garden

Here is a picture I took in my garden of a butterfly landing on a lavender bloom.  It took me so many shots just to get the right one as it kept going from bloom to bloom.  Doesn’t it know to just stay still when I want to get it’s picture!  It turned out rather well, and so I am selling them on note cards on my Etsy Store.  They are also scented which makes the card even more interesting.  Hope you like the pic and check out the listing on my Etsy site at:  www.etsy.com/shop/CherylMcNulty

I also took a very cool “bee” shot.  This is so much fun!  Enjoy! 🙂

Butterfly In Action


Bee In Mid-flight!


Where Is The Sun?????

Okay now, I can’t stand it any longer.  I need the sun!  It has almost been two weeks now and they are predicting even more clouds  and showers for about 4 or 5 more days now.  Come on!  I just need a peek, a little ray, I don’t care.  Something bright and warm for even a couple of minutes would be good.  I’m ready to get my little desk lamp and hold it over my head and pretend it’s the sun. Although I could burn myself…not good. Oh well…

Every day I get up, I want to roll over and go back to sleep.  Clouds again!  I mope around the house and get my coffee, draag myself to the toaster, get my toast and look out the window at the dreary sight.  The birds still sing though…I don’t know why.

There are mushrooms growing in my grass!  The new flowers I put in the garden are getting limp and look like they want to go to sleep.  I can’t even cross the grass without getting my pants all wet.  My deck paint is bubbling…blah…blah..blah.   And I just feel so sleepy all the time.

Without the sun, I don’t want to go to the park, go for a walk or even go to the store for that matter.  I feel like I have so much energy when the sun is out.  You feel like you want to do things.  The air smell good. not moldy !  Everything seems busy.  The bees and butterflies are flying about and the squirrels and chipmunks are playing “catch me”.  People are out walking and  talking with neighbors.  Kids are playing basketball and baseball.  And the grill!!!!  Can’t forget the grill!  I could really go for a hamburg or hot dog on the grill!

Anyhow, as you can see, I’m a little upset right now with the weather.  I guess I should make the best of it, like maybe clean the garage, wash windows and all that other FUN stuff :(.

Come on, sun….please, please come on out.  I promise I won’t say how hot I am, or how I’m so warm I wish it would rain, or any of that cruel stuff I used to say.  I promise.  Here’s a video and a picture to get you to come out again, okay… Here goes…

Hey Sun...over here!!!! Shine on me!!!

My “Forever Feather Friends”

There’s a small family of birds that live at least part of the year in the gutter near my bathroom window.  On sunny days in the winter, most of the Spring and into the summer, you may hear this incessant chirping going on.  You may think this would be pleasant to hear, but when I heard it, it was downright annoying.  And all I could think was how they may be ruining the wood to my house and making a mess in my gutters! From that point on, I would try to deter these monsters by rapping a broom handle out my window and right where they would congregate.  It would scare them for awhile and provide a little relief. I was even thinking of having them professionally removed…imagine that!

Eventually though, they would come back.  They always came back.

Well, needless to say, the winter in New England this year has been a nasty one.  And I must say I have never wanted Spring more badly than this year.  I would be happy to just sit in a green house and not move.  Just breathe in the sweet air!!! Ahhhhh!  There were mounds of snow everywhere and parking was horrendous.  Snow blew off cars on highways and blew onto other cars. almost causing very bad accidents. Ahem!  I absolutely hated it.  I was done.

Well, I was getting depressed just thinking how long it would take for Spring to even get here one day as I was getting ready to go out, when there was this one particular day, it just happened to be about 40 degrees and sunny.  No wind. I opened my bathroom window and breathed the sweet air and then I heard it!  Those birds!!!  Those nasty, awful…….I mean wonderful, beautiful birds!!!!  Yes, the family of birds were chirping…and I didn’t even mind!  As a matter of fact…I loved it.  It sounded just like Spring, and I needed to hear that so badly.  It was like music.  I would never even think of chasing them away, not a chance.  I was even thinking of placing a “Vacancy” sign up just for more birds.  You know, I even protected them when a nasty robin or Blue Jay came by to intrude on my “friends”  making them very angry and upset. I rapped my broomstick at them and they flew away.

So yes, I am keeping my “Feather Friends”, at least for now.  I seem to have taken a fancy to them.  Maybe I should go out to the store and buy some birdseed, maybe even a birdhouse or two…..hmmmmm.

I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

One of my "Feather Friends"




I Want To Go Back

The Time To Be Happy Is Now

Sometimes the world seems like such a stressed-out place to be, that I wish I could go back in time and be a child all over again.

I want to go back… back to when I was about 5 years old  and living at home.

The feeling of being safe and free from worry.

Thinking back…


back… I can see myself running outside in the crisp,cool air.

I was always outside.

Being small, energetic and young, I can play outside all day and not even tire.

I’m running,  always running.  Out toward the wide open space of the field that is behind my house.

It is early fall, and most likely at dusk.  My cheeks are cold, my nose is cold, but it feels good.

I stop for just a moment and listen… I hear the crows.  I smell the damp earth.  My toes tingle.

Looking back at my house in the distance,  I can see that the light is on in my warm kitchen.

Mom is probably at the sink as supper is being prepared.

What will it be?  A roast perhaps, gravy…and mashed potatoes.  There’s always potatoes.

I feel warm inside.

My family will be there when I get back. Mom, dad ,grandma, my older sister, and 3 younger brothers.

The house will be warm and safe.

But for now, I’m out in all this space by myself ,  yet  somehow, I don’t feel alone.

I couldn’t be with all this beauty.  So much to investigate…rocks, leaves, mud.

I have no schedule.  I don’t care about the time.

I just have to wait for the streetlight to come on, and then I’ll  go home to eat supper.

I’ll be fed and have a warm bath.

I’ll sit by grandma on the couch watching tv and lean on her warm, smooth arm.  I may even fall asleep there.

Someone will pick me up and put me to bed.  Is it dad?  Is it Mom?  I don’t care.

I’ll be tucked in and have my doll with me.

Someone will kiss me and turn off the light.

Then I’ll be in total darkness, but I won’t feel afraid.

I’m free,   I’m loved and I am safe.  That’s all that matters.

Yes, take me back!

I’d give anything  to go back in time and be a child all over again.

Just to experience the freedom from worry again .  The way we were excited in the little things.

To watch the world go by….

I thought it would last forever.

Silly me. 🙂

Be Kind

This illustration is like the “Be Sweet” illustration several posts back.  I had intended to do a series of pictures like these,  illustrating  ” two word” quotes.  Let’s call it the “BE”series.  I am still trying to get to my drawing board with all these great ideas, but I’ve had to change my schedule around a bit.  I’m a little busier these days with a new job in real estate.  I will get there-I’m determined.

Anyway, I do like the way this came out.  I think the two children are rather sweet,  and I really like the fact that this little boy is so good to this little girl by giving her his balloon after hers popped.  Always devastating to a child!  I must do more of these! Hope you like it. 🙂

Be Kind

The Time To Be Happy Is Now

Yet another picture done with a girl on a hillside.  I must really like that feeling of being alone and looking out over the horizon…can’t you tell.  These pictures were all done before I started doing the more realistic pictures with faces up close and all the detail.  I like drawing both ways and I feel I can be more free with expression this way for some reason.  There is more movement in the picture.  Flowing scarves, summer dresses and wisps of hair that blow in the wind.  I also like this quote.  Enjoy.  🙂

The Time To Be Happy Is Now