Finished Pastel Painting of My Dog Max

Yes, I finally finished Max’s picture, and when I was done…I felt a little sad.  It felt like I could actually touch him…and his eyes are just how I remember them…like looking into your soul.

So here he is, and hope you like him.  If you would like me to do a pastel portrait of “your” pet or someone you know,  please e-mail me and I can give you all the info on price and  to what I would need  as a picture to use as a reference.  They make great gifts for people for Christmas, especially if you don’t know what to get for someone, and the portraits last a lifetime! My e-mail is if you have any questions. You may also go to my portfolio site at, where I have samples of portraits I have done with the originals to compare.  Any design you see on this site can be made into a card, print, canvas print or whatever. I just take a design and send it through Zazzle, and make anything…so just ask and I will see what I can do.

I am also just starting to do watercolor pictures of angels with cats/dogs/pets,  for those who have passed away.   They can be comforting to the owners, I think.  I can take the picture of the pet with added wings and paint it to look just like the pet with an angel.  I will put up a picture of one asap.  Thank you and hope you like my Max!  He’s on my wall right now! 🙂DSC08581

A Pastel Painting of My Dog Max

I am now painting a pastel portrait of my dog, Max, a Miniature Pinscher. He passed away several years ago and I haven’t had the heart to do this, but I started it to get more practice in. It’s kind of neat to see him jump of the page and look like I could actually reach out and pet him.  I will post the finished picture soon.DSC08551

Today Was A Tough One

Today, it was exactly a week ago that my pup, Maxi passed away.  I was home by myself , which is a rarity.  I had time to think and reminisce and…clean up.  To put away the little things, the last remembrances of him. It was not easy.

First,  I took his box of goodies from under the  counter (assorted half-chewed bones, balls, his leash and muzzle) and cleaned it out.  He used to paw at this box when he wanted to entertain himself or want a bone of some sort, even until about the last day, he  still wanted a bone from that box!  I threw out all the disgusting bones and kept the last things I remember him playing with.  The bone he had half hanging out of his mouth like a cigarette:)…always makes me smile. I kept that.  The brushes he loved the girls brushing him with when he had a skin condition that kept him scratching constantly-I kept those too.

Then there was his dog dish…that was tough.  I cleaned it out one last time and dusted it off, filled the bowl on one side with water to see it one last time (silly!), and since it was too big to put in his box, I figured I would  just bag it all together.  I cannot throw out the dish.

Then – the  side yard.  The fenced off section for him to “go” in.  I raked it all clean, and pulled out every weed and overgrown blade of grass and after that, I lay down grass seed…everywhere.  He had killed every living blade of grass in that area (except for the weeds, of course. they live through everything) Even though I felt like this was the last step, I had  thought how neat it would be to see green grass growing there again.

That was that.  It was all done.

I just have the crate in the basement that he loved and slept in every night.   When I opened it’s door every morning,  he would be quivering with excitement to just eat,  and I would hold the door and  say, “Ready, set,…go!”  He’d scamper so fast up those basement steps just to get his breakfast that was waiting for him.

Also, I had ordered a stone last night online with a pawprint, his name, and dates, and I will place it on the side yard where he frequented, only now in the Spring, instead of dead branches and brown blades, it will have flowers and be  “pea”  green!!!  And I will think of him.

I will put together a book about how he first came to us, a picture book with his photos, and I will have a photo on our table sitting among the kids portraits from school, and he will have his stone in the garden.

Then…I think maybe, then…I can start leaving this all behind me and just go on.  He was a big part of our lives and grew up with the kids, he was a big part of their childhood.  He will always be remembered.

Maxi walking away with hawaiian flowers on his neck and chew toy

The gentleman


Wonder What Tomorrow Will Bring

Well. Max is doing okay, and I’m supposed to call in the morning and see how he is as far as being regulated.  I may be able to take him home.  The kids can’t wait.  I’m a little scared. How is this all going to pan out?  I will most likely be given vials, syringes. and some insulin to start him off (all included in the bill for his days stay and monitoring).  I will be given all kinds of instructions on how to check him and give injections- and my head is already spinning.  This is scary to me and rather expensive.  I am definitely going to try the raw food diet when he comes home.  I have read up on it  and I like the results and reviews it is getting.  I am giving Max a chance, to eat the way he was supposed to eat in the first place and  I believe we will see a great improvement.  

Tomorrow we will know better though, and until we get this down and set, I feel I can’t even think about drawing-but I will.  I always do.

So we wait.  Enjoy the pic!  Cheryl