Please See My New Items On Etsy!

I just posted, and will continue to post , new and exciting things on etsy.  I just posted some bookmarks and magnets and will be posting some new designs real soon.  Please check it out at

I am currently trying to keep up on trends and see where my designs will fit in this crazy market.  Any input would be great.  I constantly ask myself, “Do I draw backgrounds, or leave white space?”, “Do I do animals, or children?”, Do I put wording, or leave it blank?”  I never can decide which is best.

Anyway, I’m here and I’m going to keep doing what I do best, and that’s draw and create.  Here’s a preview:

refrigerator magnets (little pieces of art)

Bookmarks with quotes or sayings

Bookplates- more designs to come

I'm going to be doing more with silhouettes!

Christmas ideas are coming as well!

So, there you have it.  Like I said, any feedback or ideas that you would like to see, I would love to hear them.  Thanks so much and please visit Etsy.  Thanks so much!  Enjoy!

Zazzle Again!


One of many designs at Zazzle. Thank you!

Well, I have many more items I am selling now on zazzle and am trying to post at least 3  products a day.  I am hopefull going to Etsy soon and would like to make my own laminated bookmarks and magnets.  The magnets on zazzle limit the size of the artwork, so I can’t seem to get a whole design on a magnet without cut-off of some of the design.  The way I make them is I shrink the design so you can still read the verse or quote and the design is very colorful and complete.  I will let you know when I do this. 

I am also hoping to take “Little Red Sneakers” poem and create it as a poster or canvas print.  It was very popular when I first posted it.

But in the meantime, check out my zazzle!  Thanks!CherylMcNulty57don

Zazzle…Here I Come!

Yes, I am now trying to sell some items on  This allows me try my designs on different products and I’m hoping it will go over pretty well. Any ideas…please let me know.  There are so many products they make and I can’t seem to decide which design to go with what product!

This is all taking a lot of time and research…and my eyes are getting heavy!  Never have I stayed at this computer for so long (yawn).  I will post more there as I get more into it.  Slow,but sure….