Meet Everly….A Christmas Portrait

Hello! Yes, it’s me again. Finally back from  the Christmas rush and craziness. A much needed break gave me some new ideas for the New Year.  Can’t wait to try some new pieces (and finish some half-done ones) that are on my list to try.

But I did want to share this portrait  which was one of two I was commissioned to do for a Christmas gift. This is Everly, and her expression gives her awesome personality away!  I couldn’t wait to try her, even though as every new painting is, looked  a little challenging.  At the end of it all, I was pleased with the result, as were they, which makes me VERY happy!

I attached  the photo here along with my finished painting. I don’t know what it is, but every time I look at her happy expression I can’t help but smile myself. Such a cutie!


The cute photo


The finished portrait

Portrait Of Aster in the Works

Well, here are the beginning stages of Aster’s Portrait (Kevin Williams daughter) mentioned earlier.

As you can see from the reference picture, I could not really see Aster’s eyes very well, so I asked Kevin what color her eyes were. I knew they looked brown, but I wanted to know if they were dark brown or touch of hazel, light brown, etc.  He told me they were dark brown and so I do what I always do, and went on google to find a pair of dark brown eyes up close to see how they would reflect light.

Then I started with the base of skin color and lips, and then the eyes are always next.  I can’t explain it, but when I paint the eyes on all my portrait paintings, it seems like the whole portrait has a sort of life to it, and then everything evolves around that. It’s the feature that brings the whole portrait together.

As I am writing this, I have gone further with the portrait and I will put these up in a day or so and then it’s almost done. I am taking photos in stages best I can. So, this is basically the two main first steps in any portrait I do, and like I have said before, there is always a stage you go through where you think it’s not working out and you just want to start all over again, but it somehow  comes together with all the highlights and shadow and tweaking.

Then one or both daughters of mine come into my room, see it and say, “Wow, that looks awesome! That looks just like her”. And then I know I must be just sitting in front of the drawing board way t00 long and need a break.  Hope you like it so far! Back to tweaking and highlighting! Cheryl


Aster reference photo


The beginning stages…always looks a little scary


Adding the eyes with highlights…life is now in the portrait…it’s no longer a piece of paper at this point.

Portrait of Aster -The Beginning Stages

Hello All! Just starting another portrait, and I figured I would show this “special” one in stages as well. This one is of Aster, Kevin Williams (from Amish365) daughter. I can’t wait to paint her, she is so cute!

Kevin has done so much for me with sharing my artwork of the Amish, I figured it was time to return the favor! So, I will try and show this one in more stages than usual, if I can. I tend to get real excited about a piece and realize I didn’t take many pictures, and then it’s done! I also promise to post the “Amish woman with a pie”painting up here too. She is basically done except for minor details, so she should be ready. Anyway, here she is….Aster in sketch form….and here we go…


Aster…The Sketch

Another Amish Painting InThe Works And An Inspirational Quote Watercolor

Hi all!  I am so sorry for not keeping up on this blog lately.  I am now getting ready for my daughter’s graduation from college and I have been busily painting rooms and fixing things around the house like crazy.  It actually feels good to see change,I must say.  And who can beat the look and smell of fresh paint!

Anyway, I just thought I would share with you this painting which has been sitting unfinished like this awhile now. It’s another Amish Girl and she is supposed to be watching a baby chick on her lap.   I really love the face on this little girl and I can’t wait to finish her, but she has to wait just a little bit.  Every time I go into my room she is staring at me and I want so badly to just sit there and get down to business.  I will…I will !

I will post again when I am finished with her.

Here is also another painting I finished.  I have been doing random watercolors just to keep up with my artwork and to put something new in my Etsy shop.  These watercolor paintings are less time consuming than the pastels, so I try to fit a few in before I start  my fixing and painting of the house. This one is in watercolors and it’s a little girl looking out over the mountains under a beautiful rainbow. Inspired by the very thing I love to do, observe nature!  I hope you like them. Be back soon!

Unfinished Amish Girl Painting

Unfinished Amish Girl Painting


The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home Print

This cute little print I just put on Etsy is from an original colored pencil illustration created by me. I have always loved this quote, because I believe it with my heart and soul. The kitchen is truly the heart of my home!

I made this several years ago, and I still love the Illustration. Usually, I am so caught up in doing the new illustrations, I don’t even think of the older ones.  I just had to dust this one off. Hope you like it!


The Paper Star, A Watercolor Painting

This is another Christmas picture done in watercolor.  I had previously done this picture in colored pencil, but never really cared for it.  So, I decided I would change a few things and try it in bright watercolors, and I must say, it does makes a difference.

This is a design I created that is dear to my heart.  It’s about Christmas and the excitement and wonder it brings about, especially in a child.  I remember to this day creating tissue paper and styrofoam trees for Christmas in school.  Remember cutting paper snowflakes?  Just doing these projects in school made you all the more excited for Christmas to arrive!

School wasn’t even hard work about two weeks before you got out for that “long” vacation. There were movies and christmas music in class. There were also parties with cut out cookies, candy canes and card-giving.  It was constant chatter and laughing. I can still remember the big foil covered box in front of the classroom.  It was for holding all the cards that everyone made out to the kids in the classroom. And the special card just for the teacher.

The little girl here is proud as ever just to place that simple star on her tree.  It’s not a special glittery, plastic one from Target or Wal-mart.  She made it herself and that’s all that matters. It was in the creating of it that made it special.  Anything homemade or handmade for that matter, usually is.  It’s from the heart.

So here’s to all those paper stars and tissue paper trees, and even the hand-cut, glitter-sprinkled, paper snowflakes. Hope we see more of you this holiday season than ever before.  We need you! :)

The Paper Star

The Paper Star