Meet Mason, My Latest Portrait

I  finished a commissioned portrait not too long ago, as a gift from a mom to her daughter (for Mother’s Day) of her baby son. I was not a friend of this woman on Facebook, so I never got to see all the rave reviews that other people were seeing and sharing. But, she was very happy I heard and so this makes me happy.

I couldn’t believe it when I first saw his photograph, the expression on his face was priceless and I couldn’t wait to try painting him. It was a lot of fun.  So here he is, Mr. Mason! So cute!


Mason – A Pastel Portrait


Hudson, A New Portrait in Pastels

Hello! I must have forgotten to put this latest edition up here! It must be an age thing!
Anyway, I was asked to do a portrait for my sister-in-law of her grandson, Hudson. I couldn’t wait to get right to it as he was such a beautiful little boy. Just look at that perfect face! I must admit though, when I saw the striped hoodie, I was afraid to even attempt it, as I thought it would not look right. But I got in there and said to myself that it was another challenge, and If I didn’t try this, I wouldn’t try anything new. And you know what, it didn’t even hurt! It actually adds to the painting.
So all in all, this portrait was another stepping stone for me…just keep growing and learning…and I love it. (Just to let you know, you can see the original on my Facebook page on the right here…just click and scroll down a few posts)