The Beauty Of The Hours (Reblog)

This is a quote I illustrated awhile back which I really love.  It’s how I really feel about living and enjoying every minute of every day.  Time goes by so quickly.  My kids are now 17, 19 and 20 years of age.  I was a stay- at- home mom, and I loved it.  I wouldn’t  have changed any of it.

The Beauty Of The Hours

Today, as I was folding clothes on my bed, I put on an old CD I used to play for the kids when they were small and read their books.  It was music from the Beatrix Potter animated series that was on PBS (see below).  I love this CD as it helps me focus and think like a child when I have to be creative, drawing,etc.  When I started listening, I almost wanted to cry.  I could picture the three of them sitting on the couch, curled up reading their books.  Their stuffed animals cuddled under their arms while having a snack.  I remember this as clearly as it happened yesterday.  Times were so laid back then.  No homework, studying for SAT’s, driver’s ed and dating problems.  It was excitement, playfulness and innocence.  Hugs and kisses.  I’d take it all back in a second.

Anyway, before I get too emotional, this is what made me want to illustrate this quote.  This is what I picture when I read the words.  It makes me feel serene looking at the girl on the beach, just enjoying something as simple as listening to a seashell.  Can’t you hear it?  Enjoy!


Days Of Innocence (My Kids Patrick, Caitlin and Kelsey about 12 yrs. ago)

My kids reading their books before bedtime. 😦

Little Red Sneakers (A Poem and reblog)

I am posting this yet again, as I see people still look this one up now and again. Enjoy!!!

Here is a poem from my journal that was written 6/21/93.  It is about my children and wanting never to forget all the special memories of their childhood. The red sneakers were Patrick’s, and they were little  canvas high tops-so cute!  (He had several different pairs, and I even saved a pair of velcro cuties!)

This poem is titled:


I want to remember,

Little red sneakers, sandboxes and swings,

and all the little childhood things.

Little Red Sneakers 🙂 (Yes, I saved them)

Joyful laughter-wiping tears, I want to remember through the years.

Ice cream, lollipops and licorice,too,

Wagons and bicycles-a stroller for two.

Christmases and birthdays, when everyone’s over,

Ernie and Bert, Oscar and Grover.

Bathing suits and summer fun, a kiss and hug for everyone.

Carousels and pony rides, cookouts and climbing slides.

A wading pool, chock-full of toys,

Climbing trees is for little boys!

Scampering feet on wooden floors,

Singing kid songs behind closed doors.

Christopher Robin and Winnie The Pooh,

Owl, Eeyore, Kanga and Roo.

Reading books on Mommy’s lap,


“Come on now kids, it’s time for your nap!”

Cookies and milk before going to bed.

Stroking blonde hair on a tired boys head.

The kiss and the hug,  the ” I  Love You!” before sleeping,

Lies deep within my heart, worth keeping.

These things I want to remember with pleasure.

Worth more than gold,

It’s a mother’s treasure!

The End


For All The Fathers Present, Past and Father’s Yet To Be

This post is about fathers and how important they are in our lives.

There is something to be said about the father figure in the home. To me, as a child, I think I would have been more fearful without that certain quiet, strength my father seemed to emanate just being in the  same room with him.  Sure my mother made us feel safe, to an extent, but there was something more with my father.  I always felt more at ease.

My father was strong when he needed to be, and he disciplined us when we needed that,  too. But he was also gentle, especially  with his daughters.  As kids, we knew what we could get away with with our Mom, but we knew we had to tow the line with Dad.  And we all knew when my father came home from work…it was like a change in the weather.  You could feel it.  It was back to business.  Things were more serious.  Don’t get me wrong, he was a funny man and made us laugh plenty of times with his little antics and jokes, and that’s what made him so lovable.  He knew where to draw the line.  He was everything rolled into one and just made things feel more stable when he was  at home.

As a grandfather,he loved his grandkids.  He was like a big kid himself, making them laugh and teasing them. You know, the typical “pull my finger” and all that. He also loved holding them and making a big deal of  them.  I remember one day not long after my mother passed away,  dropping off my 4 year old daughter with him to help him keep his mind off things. He really enjoyed spending time with her, and he seemed so comfortable and at ease with her.  Nothing special, they just spent time outside raking leaves, played a bit and even had a snack together. It wasn’t  like watching baseball on television I’m sure, but he was definitely in heaven, and I don’t think he even wanted her to leave that day. My dad…he was just an awesome grandfather!

Now my husband, as a father, is the same in our household.  Everything takes on a more serious note when he is home.  He is definitely a strong presence.  When the kids were younger, he would play with them and help them with homework, but as far as discipline, all he had to do  was raise his voice a decibel, and they would take notice. If they got out of line while he was at work, he was good for that typical Mom statement, “Wait ’til your father gets home!”  It always worked, too!  They would think about that line and suddenly, the bad behavior would come to a complete halt. Funny!  The kids, now in their teens, know they can’t get away with much, and God forgive them if they disrespect me. All hell breaks loose!  He will listen to them and help them, but he never lets them wimp out on something, where I might  tend to give in. Together , I think we are a good match as I sometimes remind him when he needs to be softer with the kids, and he reminds me when to be stronger with them. It’s a  good balance.

When I was growing up, I remember I wanted the perfect Dad.  A dad like Charles Ingalls (Michael Landon) or John Walton (Ralph Waite) on the Walton’s. I admired them so much and how they fixed all the family’s problems and grew from each one and  also realized their own weaknesses , but remaining the steady rock in the household. But that is Hollywood and this is real, and no one is perfect.  Everyone makes mistakes and we have to understand that, as long as the lesson is learned from those mistakes is what really matters.

In my eyes, my Dad was perfect and I will always remember him fondly.  I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  Well, maybe just a few more hugs and “I love You’s”, but that’s ok.  He made up for that in his last years as he realized how short life can be, and he said it to us all the time.  I thank him for that.

So keep up the good work all you Dads, and to Dads that are yet to be.  Your strength, as well as your gentleness and understanding is needed, and I know it shapes the children into what they  become and ever hope to be. It can be a very big responsibility!  You don’t know it, but you are a rock in this scary place, this world we live in today, and I’m sure you are and/or will be, “perfect” in your own family’s eyes. Happy Father’s Day!

My father-in-law with my daughter, Kelsey. She’s admiring his sips of lemonade..ahhh!

My son,Patrick (around 1992) walking with his Dad. I think this picture says it all,

Today, Kelsey with her Dad. Just perfect!

Little Red Sneakers (via Cherylmcnulty’s Blog)

I know I’ve reblogged this before, but I think it is a great poem and many people enjoyed this last time. Here’s one for all the moms that “want to remember” and know that special times with little ones never really last for very long. Thank God for memories! Enjoy!

Little Red Sneakers     Here is a poem from my journal that was written 6/21/93.  It is about my children and wanting never to forget all the special memories of their childhood. The … Read More

via Cherylmcnulty’s Blog

A Hug Is A Great Gift

Here is an illustration to another quote I love.

Hugs. They’re the best, aren’t they?  I’ve always liked them because they just make you feel so good.  With a hug,  you can tell a person just how you feel without saying a word.  They’re good for both the giver and the receiver.  Everyone wins!  

When I first dated my husband, I couldn’t get enough of them.  He was tall and when I would hug him, my head lay right in the center of his chest.  I felt so safe.  I would get lost in them and never wanted to let go.  Today, when he hugs me,  it’s still the same, but somehow, I think I’m getting the most out of them.  And there is still nothing better than a hug when you’ve had a crummy day.  These arms wrap around you, and  suddenly feel like nothing could harm you.  Somehow, you seem to go away feeling stronger.  You can handle life now.  It’s all better for awhile, until the next  time you need one…

Maybe hugs are magic. 🙂  Cheryl

A Hug Is A Great Gift