Another Christmas Print For Christmas In July

Just another posting of another Christmas print that I created a while ago.  It was originally made for my husband as a  design for a birthday card as his birthday is on Christmas. The card originally said, “Merry Birthday To You!” and the figgy pudding was like the birthday cake.  I liked the design so much I decide to change it up a bit and put it out there for everyone to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy this one too!

Now, can’t you just feel a chill in the air???

Merry Christmas Santa With Reindeer

Merry Christmas Santa With Reindeer

The Innocent Gift

This is my favorite painting for the Christmas season. I like it because it’s really not cutesy/sweetsy, it just expresses what the Christmas season is all about, in just a simple drawing.Just the interaction between the characters in the painting expresses the spirit. I hope you enjoy this painting.

Santa In Pastel

I forgot to post this picture.  I keep creating the Christmas designs because that is always the most popular with any kind of Licensing company or Greeting card Company.  So even when it is hot and summer-like, I probably will still be pumping out Christmas.  Oh well, at least it’s a fun holiday and you can think of so many ideas.

But anyway here is the latest and as you can see it is in my new banner overhead.  I posted one with and one without text, just for interest.  Hope you like it.

Santa peeking

Santa peeking


Piggy Pudding – A Work In Progress

I know I have not posted anything in awhile, but with Christmas just being over I have not had a lot of time to sit and draw.  I do have several items I am presently working on to add to my portfolio before sending it to art licensing companies at the end of January.  One is this little piggy I named “Tiny” as he is a micro or teacup pig.  I am trying to get some themes together, as I feel they have a better chance  of being accepted than single drawings that stand on their own.

I have 3 other pig pictures that I have done, but were all done in pastels.  This is the first one I have tried in watercolor.  I must say, I like the way this is turning out.   Well, this is almost completed, but it still needs some work.  When it is completely finished, I will post it again. But for now, here is Piggy Pudding…almost ready for next Christmas..I hope!


The Paper Star, A Watercolor Painting

This is another Christmas picture done in watercolor.  I had previously done this picture in colored pencil, but never really cared for it.  So, I decided I would change a few things and try it in bright watercolors, and I must say, it does makes a difference.

This is a design I created that is dear to my heart.  It’s about Christmas and the excitement and wonder it brings about, especially in a child.  I remember to this day creating tissue paper and styrofoam trees for Christmas in school.  Remember cutting paper snowflakes?  Just doing these projects in school made you all the more excited for Christmas to arrive!

School wasn’t even hard work about two weeks before you got out for that “long” vacation. There were movies and christmas music in class. There were also parties with cut out cookies, candy canes and card-giving.  It was constant chatter and laughing. I can still remember the big foil covered box in front of the classroom.  It was for holding all the cards that everyone made out to the kids in the classroom. And the special card just for the teacher.

The little girl here is proud as ever just to place that simple star on her tree.  It’s not a special glittery, plastic one from Target or Wal-mart.  She made it herself and that’s all that matters. It was in the creating of it that made it special.  Anything homemade or handmade for that matter, usually is.  It’s from the heart.

So here’s to all those paper stars and tissue paper trees, and even the hand-cut, glitter-sprinkled, paper snowflakes. Hope we see more of you this holiday season than ever before.  We need you! :)

The Paper Star

The Paper Star

Magic Of The Night Pastel Drawing

This picture was just a whimsical piece I needed to add to my portfolio.  I love snowmen, and love to draw them at odd angles for interest.  This was perfect.  For days I had the drawing half done, with the snowman just looking off into blank paper.  I couldn’t figure out what to put as the background, so I left the drawing half done and off to the side until this idea came to me.  It’s just a cute random Christmas drawing.  It was fun to just not be so picky and have fun with this.  Like I was back in grade school with my blank manila paper and crayons.  Love it!

Hope you like it.

Magic Of The Night