Commissioned Portrait, A Special Gift

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I do a portrait I somehow feel connected to the subject somehow.  I guess when you spend a week or so going over the eyes several times to just get them right, or smoothing out the cheeks, adding color here and there, wrinkles and subtle touches that define the person, it’s hard not to feel a connection. You are not only painting a picture but expressing an emotion with the sparkle in the eyes and the curve of the smile. You want it to feel like the subjects are there in the room with you, and if they passed on, they feel somewhat alive again. I guess that’s the best way I can explain it.  That’s what I try to achieve in my portraits.

The commissioned portrait came from a woman who wanted to give it to her father as a gift, It was of his parents. This portrait was really special to me because first, it was my first couple portrait.  And second, I found out they both passed away on the same day. All I kept thinking was how they must have loved each other so much, they could not even leave each other.  So, it was even more important for me to get this right. The only thing was, I only had a small picture to do the portrait from, and even when I blew it up to get the details, most of the fine details were missing, like the woman’s eyes.  I could not see the colors of either of them as well.  I had to ask what the colors were and hope for the best.

I guess in the long run, it was right on or at least very close, because the woman said her dad cried when he opened the portrait as a gift. And that is what it’s all about.  To make it that “real” that it touches someone that way, I can’t even explain how it makes me feel.  It’s God given and I believe that, and I just want to do the best that I can with what he gave me. It’s a gift and I want to share it to make people happy, and so far, it looks like it’s working. I thank him everyday for it. Have a gift, give the gift.  Pass it on.  🙂

The completed portrait on it's own

The completed portrait on it’s own

The portrait and the original photo

The portrait and the original photo


God Never Gives Us, A Picture From My Past

Hello, everyone! I am in the process of doing more pastel pictures,but in the meantime, I dug up this colored pencil picture I had done several years ago. It has a Fall look to it, and I just love the quote, so I thought I would just post it. If anything, the quote is much needed today with all the horrible news lately, don’t you think! Enjoy!

God Never Gives Us

God Never Gives Us

Colored Pencil Drawing for God Never Gives Us

Hello!  I figured as I am waiting to finish other drawings in the works..I will showcase an older one.

This is a colored pencil drawing with the quote that says it all.  I really believe this one is true.  I really love the way the picture came out.  As soon as I read the quote, I knew how I wanted to illustrate it.  So here it is… Enjoy.


God Never Gives Us More Than We Can Handle

Finally, Some Good News/Ted Williams

Well, I for one am so happy that Ted williams, the homeless man with the golden voice,  gets his second chance.  I hope he makes the best of it and never turns back.  It feels good to finally hear some good news for a change.

For those of you who may not know who I am talking about, or what this miraculous story is about, it’s about a homeless man who was found on the street with a handwritten sign about how God had blessed him with the gift of voice and had fallen on hard times.  He was found panhandling, when someone stopped and asked (as they recorded him) to show what he could do with his voice.  The rest is history.

I just love this story, and he seems so humble and grateful, that I can not stop watching and listening to him.

Then, when they found out he hadn’t seen his mother in 20 years, they set up a meeting for him to see her, and  captured the moment .  It is both sad and happy at the same time.  I want to cry every time I hear him, a 53 year old man, enter that room and continually call out, “Hi Mommy!. Hi Mommy! ”  I just want to hold him. Then as you hear him talking to his mother and tell her about everything that has happened to him, although the cameras are watching and taping and completely surrounding him, you almost get the feeling that he and his mother are the only one’s in the room.  He is concentrating on just her and nothing else. It is definitely a story that will be remembered forever.

Te d Williams. I wish you all the luck  in the world. Thanks for the inspiration and hope.  There still are great stories out there somewhere.  Lets find more.

A Day Hemmed In Prayer

Hello!  This is an illustration I did  awhile ago.  I really like the quote and I love the look of needle point throughout the picture.  I also believe the quote to be true.  Alas, you don’t really see a lot of children sewing nowadays, let alone sewing a sampler.   But it’s really nice to think about.   Ahhh, the good ol’ days! 🙂

A Day Hemmed In Prayer

Let Us Be Silent

There are times when you just have to relax, get away and just have some quiet time.  Get away from the phones, the pagers and everything else that is constantly in our daily lives every hour of the day.  I believe, no matter how much we love the conversations and constant interaction with others, sometimes we just have to break away and just find a quiet place,close our eyes, and enjoy the peacefulness.

Go outside and sit on your deck, or go for a ride and park near a pond, park, or quiet woods. Turn off your car and just sit (no phones allowed). Close your eyes and just listen to nature.  The sounds that you were meant to hear, but are blocked out daily by all the technology in our lives today.  Wow…birds!!!!  Look at that sunset!   Are those tree frogs I hear???  It’s amazing.  When your mind has time to be free and is able to wander, it’s amazing all the things that come up in your mind that usually you wouldn’t even think of.  Dreams you have always had, memories of times when you were young and free, maybe you could foresee a vacation in your future.

There are many times I feel the need to get away and sit by myself away from everyone.  In the summer, I do this alot.  After I clean up the supper dishes and the dog is all set, everyone seems to go into the living room and watch tv, or  go in their rooms and turn the radio on,  sit at the computer,etc.  I retreat and go onto my back deck, sit on my bench with the soft pillows, lay my head back and listen.  I could sit there all night long… listening… watching…and I usually do, until I hear through the screen door someone say, ” Hey,where’s Mom???”  That’s usually when they find me, and before I know it, I have company enjoying the quiet with me.

 It’s refreshing, especially for the soul.  I really believe it helps me to be more creative.  It must have something to do with all the “senses” coming into play. I don’t really know, but I know that is good and I know that                                                                

Let Us Be Silent

 it is necessary.

Anyway, that is what this quote is all about, and I believe it with all my soul.  Enjoy. 🙂  Cheryl