While I’m Waiting to Get Back to My Drawing Board

Hello and Merry Christmas..Happy Holidays…Happy New Year!!!

I had promised a post back that I would be working on my Mary and Laura Ingalls painting, when a creative block hit me along with “Christmas Overload” and I haven’t been at my desk for awhile. The painting is a little farther ahead than you see in the previous post, but it’s still sitting on my desk and I feel so bad it’s not finished. I will be back at it though in a day or so, as my Etsy Shop opens back up as well. Hopefully this means more fresh ideas and better paintings…it usually does! So…I’m hopeful.

Anyway, while I wait for that to happen, I will show you what I have worked on lately. I had taken a couple of my paintings and turned them into Christmas cards this year, and I did it all on Ribbet..which I love! It is a free online photo editing site which is simpler to use and learn than photoshop. I could never seem to find the time needed to learn all about photoshop, I just couldn’t get it down. Then I came across Ribbet and loved how easy it was to use and it had just enough editing techniques I would need for my work. I use the premium version now, which offers more, and I think its worth it for me.

Sooooo, while I was having my creative block, I figured I would just try playing around with paintings already created and change them up a bit with Ribbet and get back into creative mode while I was doing it…and it worked!

For example: I created this angel painting awhile back and wanted to add to this image to make it comforting to someone who lost someone dear to them. A special card they might be able to carry with them and feel better when they just read it or looked at it. Finding a nice, comforting text about angels, I personalized it by adding the loved one’s name and the date when they passed, then making the card small enough to keep it in a wallet or purse. A little prayer card of sorts. I had given a card like this to a friend who just recently lost someone close to her, and I believe it helped her. She messaged me and was very comforted by the image and the saying, so I was happy.

Then again, I also made a Christmas card out of the same Angel image, creating it for my religious friends and relatives, and this also worked out well.

There is a bird painting I have created which I also changed up by adding some extra snow effects to with text, which also became a Christmas card this year. Of course, it always helps adding a touch of glitter to the cards, too!

So, if you are an artist and are having a dry spell, just try playing around with images you have already created, change them up a bit and share to someone special. It gets the creative juices flowing again and makes people happy all at the same time. It’s a win win!

Hope you enjoyed this post and I will try and have that Laura and Mary Ingalls painting done soon! Stay Safe!

Finished Pastel Painting of My Dog Max

Yes, I finally finished Max’s picture, and when I was done…I felt a little sad.  It felt like I could actually touch him…and his eyes are just how I remember them…like looking into your soul.

So here he is, and hope you like him.  If you would like me to do a pastel portrait of “your” pet or someone you know,  please e-mail me and I can give you all the info on price and  to what I would need  as a picture to use as a reference.  They make great gifts for people for Christmas, especially if you don’t know what to get for someone, and the portraits last a lifetime! My e-mail is mcprop@cox.net if you have any questions. You may also go to my portfolio site at http://www.cherylmcnulty.com, where I have samples of portraits I have done with the originals to compare.  Any design you see on this site can be made into a card, print, canvas print or whatever. I just take a design and send it through Zazzle, and make anything…so just ask and I will see what I can do.

I am also just starting to do watercolor pictures of angels with cats/dogs/pets,  for those who have passed away.   They can be comforting to the owners, I think.  I can take the picture of the pet with added wings and paint it to look just like the pet with an angel.  I will put up a picture of one asap.  Thank you and hope you like my Max!  He’s on my wall right now! 🙂DSC08581

I am now on Zazzle!

Hello again.  THis is just to let everyone out there that I am now on Zazzle (www.zazzle.com/cherylmcnulty57don) and the shop is just in it’s beginning stages, but it’s getting there. I am trying to learn all I can about how to categorize the shop and post as many designs in one shot, so as not to take forever.  It’s slow, but like I said,  it’s getting there.

I am trying to take my most popular designs and put them on tote bags, clocks, pillows, etc.  If you would like to see one of my designs on any product sold here, please let me know.  In the meantime, hope you like the shop.

Here is one of my popular designs on a tote bag.



3 Children’s Pastel Portraits

I just finished these pastel portraits for a friend as she wanted to give them as housewarming gifts.  I did these on the smooth side of the pastel paper, unlike the one done in the previous post, which was done on the textured side.  I was afraid to try this, but I think I like this side better as the eyes and face come out so much clearer.  What do you think?




Please See My New Items On Etsy!

I just posted, and will continue to post , new and exciting things on etsy.  I just posted some bookmarks and magnets and will be posting some new designs real soon.  Please check it out at  http://www.etsy.com/shop/CherylMcNulty

I am currently trying to keep up on trends and see where my designs will fit in this crazy market.  Any input would be great.  I constantly ask myself, “Do I draw backgrounds, or leave white space?”, “Do I do animals, or children?”, Do I put wording, or leave it blank?”  I never can decide which is best.

Anyway, I’m here and I’m going to keep doing what I do best, and that’s draw and create.  Here’s a preview:

refrigerator magnets (little pieces of art)

Bookmarks with quotes or sayings

Bookplates- more designs to come

I'm going to be doing more with silhouettes!

Christmas ideas are coming as well!

So, there you have it.  Like I said, any feedback or ideas that you would like to see, I would love to hear them.  Thanks so much and please visit Etsy.  Thanks so much!  Enjoy!

Amish Girl Drawing/Simple Gifts Video

I’m just posting this because I believe the two belong together.  This picture, which I drew awhile back (and I would like to do more Amish pictures) was done in colored pencil and I love the way it turned out.  She is beautiful and her innocence seems to shine through.  As I said in the previous post, we just got back from Amish country, and it is very hard to come back into the swing of things when you have simpleness and calmness all around you for a week. Enjoy this calmness for a few with the video. 🙂  Please click on the title of the video for it to work.

Amish Girl Colored Pencil Portrait

Mother’s Day 1993

A Mother’s Heart

This is from a journal entry that I wrote after my mother passed away in March of 1993.  As I look back, it seems I did alot of writing to deal with the pain I had been feeling at that time.  It was very therapeutic.  This was the first Mother’s Day after she had passed away and it was hard not going to see her at her house, but instead I had to take a trip to the cemetery.  This is how I remember this day…

Mother’s Day 1993

This morning John,Patrick (2),Caitlin(7 mos) and I, decided we’d visit the cemetery where you live now.  We bought pretty mums for you, yellow like the sun. They were bright and reminded me of you.

It was strange, not picking out a card for you.  I wanted to so badly.  It was so sad. I thought of you often today.  Memories of your smile and your voice went through my mind.

We packed the kids in the van and started off.

I felt strange and I didn’t know what to expect…to see your name on a marker today, instead of your smiling face.  This was going to be very difficult for me,  and I knew it.

On the way, we passed by the exit we would have taken to go to your house.  I would have much preferred the house, but we just sped on.

After about 25 minutes, we pulled into the cemetery grounds.  Although the ride was quiet, it was also nice as it was a beautiful, sunny day.

We went off to the left and went up a small hill…and there it was…your new home.  It was open and trees were set back behind you.  There was no grass as it was a  brand new plot, with the bare earth freshly smoothed over.  John got out to look among the many markers on the just-cleared earth.

We left the kids in the car at first, and I walked alone to your marker…right in the middle of the clearing, next to a woman named “MacNamara”.  I joked to John that  this woman was Irish, also, and that you were probably talking her head off!

It was so beautiful and peaceful with the sun beating down.  The warm breeze and birds singing.  It was so nice, and I swear I felt your presence there.  It was also strange to see  the first new spikes of grass shooting up amongst the dry dirt.  It was actually too hard to imagine it all grassy.  Someday, it will be.

John brought Patrick out of the car while I spoke  to you privately.  Patrick  quickly came running over and said, “Hi Gramma!  I love you!”  I’m sure you smiled.  Then after Patrick walked off with John, something told me to get Caitlin..  I knew you would’ve liked to have seen her. I brought her over and I could almost imagine you saying,”Wow, how big she’s gotten!”

She looks so much like you,  Ma.  It gives me hope and something to go on.

John tied the pretty mums to your marker.  It looked so pretty amongst all those bare markers. It looked as if you had life now.  The only sunny spot on the hill…my mom!

I said what I had to and said we’d be back. “Say hello to everyone up there for me. Guide me in all I do.  I love  you!”

Then we packed everyone up and slowly left for home.  It was an extremely quiet trip back to say the least, but I felt good inside that I had done what I did. It was a Mother’s Day I will remember forever.

I miss you.

I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day!<3

My mom in healthier, happier days with her usual welcoming smile.

Simple Gifts Again

I just wanted to post this video again, as many people liked it .  This time I will post it with more tags.

This is a simple Shaker song being sung by Allison Krauss.  Her angelic voice is so clear  and perfect for this song.  I  enjoy watching this video myself!  Beautiful!  🙂 Cheryl

I’d Rather Have Roses On My Table

Now here is a quote  I illustrated that is definitely about me.  You could give me a diamond ring or necklace as a gift and I’d thank you for it, but to me, cubic zirconia would have been just fine.  There is no difference in the two for me, except the price.  The same thing goes for rubies, emeralds, etc.  Just give me colored glass…I don’t care.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my engagement ring, but it’s more for what it represents.  Maybe that’s how I should look at gifts like this, more for what they represent.

That’s funny…I was just thinking.  My house had been broken into and robbed many years back.  The thieves made their way into my bedroom and into my jewelry box. Nothing was taken.  You know why????  I had nothing but costume jewelry in there:). So funny, they didn’t take a thing!  What’s the matter????  Walmart  jewelry isn’t good enough for ya!

So, yes, if you came to me on my birthday and I had to choose between the little velvet box in your one hand and the flowers or even better, potted plant (they live longer and I could plant them) in the other, I would take the plant.  I don’t know why, it’s just me.

I think my husband is glad about this:).  Cheryl

I'd Rather Have Roses