Amish Pastel Paintings, “Emma” and “At The Farm Stand”

Hello!  I just finished one of the two Amish pastel paintings that I was working on.  One of them,”Emma”, although she is  not a real person, I am sure she could be!  I just wanted this painting to exude peacefulness and calm, and I think it does just that. Her expression is that of someone just daydreaming with not a care in the world. The other painting, “At The Farm Stand”, is still being worked on.  I am finding the jars of canned fruit/veggies a challenge, but they are getting there. Actually, I am further along than this picture is showing, but I figured I’d just keep you posted.  I will post this one as soon as I am finished, which will hopefully be today! I can’t wait to see how it will turn out!  I will let you know.


At The Farm Stand


Four New Acrylic Paintings

Here are four new acrylic paintings I have been working on.  It was fun to try these new ideas and just practice the blending techniques and brushstrokes.  It’s all so new to me, but now I just want to try all types of pictures.  I can’t wait.  Hope you like these.

result result-1 result-3 result-2

Berry Days

This is a print I did because of my love  for the Springtime,  and also, for  berry picking. 

I love going to the local farm stand and going on the tractor ride early in the morning.  Just hearing the sounds of the large field sprinklers and the families with their children, and all the excitement in the air.  Everyone gets a basket and gets dropped off in the field.  You can pick as many berries you’d like, and then when you take them home (if you don’t eat them all in the car), you get to decide what you can make with all those juicy berries!  And there’s plenty of options!

Just thinking of all this makes me want Spring even more!  I can’t wait!

Enjoy! 🙂

Berry Days


Ahhhh, Strawberries and Cream! Delightful!