God Never Gives Us, A Picture From My Past

Hello, everyone! I am in the process of doing more pastel pictures,but in the meantime, I dug up this colored pencil picture I had done several years ago. It has a Fall look to it, and I just love the quote, so I thought I would just post it. If anything, the quote is much needed today with all the horrible news lately, don’t you think! Enjoy!

God Never Gives Us

God Never Gives Us


Two more Scarecrows…and a Santa

Here are two more scarecrows to continue the Friendly Scarecrow series.  I really like the one where he is jumping in the leaves!

I had sent my online art portfolio to Porterfield’s Fine Art and the president of the company sent me back some encouraging words within 10 minutes of sending it to them.  He suggested I try acrylics for more color saturation as art licensing companies look for saturated color. He said he could not use my art this point in time. but it was “Awfully good”.  I’ll take it!  Usually you get nothing back but a rejection letter.  This was nice.

He did like my scarecrow and my santa holding a present, which explains the reason for all the scarecrows.  The more the better!  Hope you like them.






Watercolor Picture, Friendly Scarecrow

Well, I finally went back to doing watercolor.  I have been away from it for some time, and I love the way they look.  The colors are so bright and you can be rather spontaneous with them as well.  I love pastels and colored pencil, but this just seemed like a lot of fun for me. And it was like riding a bike, it all came back to me…and believe me I was scared!

Now I want to do a series of this little guy and see how they look.  Everyone around here that has seen this picture has loved it so far.  I hope you like this little guy, because I guarantee there will be more to follow. 🙂

Friendly Scarecrow



Colored Pencil Drawing for God Never Gives Us

Hello!  I figured as I am waiting to finish other drawings in the works..I will showcase an older one.

This is a colored pencil drawing with the quote that says it all.  I really believe this one is true.  I really love the way the picture came out.  As soon as I read the quote, I knew how I wanted to illustrate it.  So here it is… Enjoy.


God Never Gives Us More Than We Can Handle

Here Is A Not So Scary Scarecrow!

Poor scarecrow!  I don’t think he’s quite caught on why he is not scaring those scarecrows away, and I think he just gave up!  Maybe it’s because he doesn’t look so scary.  Maybe he’s just a little too cute!  Oh well, maybe he needed some friends, anyway.

You know what they say…”If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”



On Golden Pond (via Cherylmcnulty’s Blog)

Here is another reblog on a great old movie for this time of year. Go watch it today! 🙂

For some odd reason, I started thinking of this great movie from 1981.  It must be the time of year. The Fall. My mind always starts reeling as the leaves take on their  vibrant colors and the air contains a slight chill.  Although it is beautiful, it has a sadness to it, the end of summer.  The leaves are really dying, but it can be breathtaking.  I somehow want to bake pies, go hiking and be with nature as much as I can, before it's all brown.. … Read More

via Cherylmcnulty's Blog