It’s A Little Late, but Mr. Easter Bunny Completed

Hi everyone!

I actually finished this little guy before Easter, but just never got around to putting him on my blog. But here he is, and I will have more to put up very soon. Hope all of you are doing well!


Mr. Easter Bunny Portrait

Easter Drawing Done In Pastels

Again, here is another picture I have attempted in pastels.  Every time I do a picture, I learn a little bit more about the different techniques and blending,etc.  I still think they are a lot of fun to use, and I love the realistic results that it brings. I really could not believe the way the rabbit turned out!

I am still trying my best to get in as many drawings (paintings) as I can before mid -February, when I plan to send these out with several others to greeting card  and art licensing companies . I hope I will have a nice grouping to show.

Hope you like this one for Easter.  More to come! 🙂 Cheryl

An Easter Drawing In Pastels

Pastel Easter Bunny Drawing

Back to the drawing table again.  I’m still trying to figure this whole process out, as it is different from the colored pencil technique, which I am used to.  I am currently waiting for some pastel pencils to come in, and when they do, I’m sure my drawings will get much better.  Right now, the pastels are very hard for me to work into small spaces and detail work.  With the pastel pencils. you do have more control over that dilemma.  The freedom of this medium is wonderful though.

So, for now…here is Mr. Easter Bunny. 🙂

Mr. Easter Bunny

An Old Easter Illustration

I’ve been going through my old drawings to see if I could find some interesting pieces to show you.  I came across plenty, and I will post them a little at a time.

It’s so interesting to see what I have created over the years, to see how my artwork has evolved over the years.   Back then, I did a lot of  my  illustrations in watercolors and marker, then  changed over to ink and colored pencil.  Also, I did a lot of portrait work back  then in pastels and charcoal, and even now when I look at those pictures, I can’t believe I did them as well as I did.  Everything was pretty balanced, from the nose to the eyes.

Well, here is an Easter illustration I created I think around the 80’s or so, and I remember how happy I was when it was completed because I was proud of myself that it came out so colorful and crisp and clean. It looks like I would find this in a store!  Oh well, maybe someday….

An Older Easter Illustration (around 1980's)


 Since Easter is around the corner, I guess this is appropriate.  Enjoy! 🙂