“Contemplation”, A New Amish Painting and 2021

It has been way too long for me not to post, and again, I’m sorry. With the voting crisis, Christmas and it’s craziness, and all that’s going on with the news everyday, it has just made me somewhat numb. They say “the woman that works with her hands, her head and her heart is an artist.” I tend to agree. I get too caught up in with what’s going on around me, that I can’t settle down..I can’t get my creative “flow” going. All the bad news just “breaks my spirit”. And therefore, I can’t seem to paint.

I had tried to play quiet music, read inspirational books, and even to meditate, to no avail. I still could not find it in myself to just sit down and paint. I found every excuse not to do so. I even had asked my husband if it even mattered anymore…to paint. He told me, “Yes, it does matter… your paintings make people feel good”. That thought had stayed with me, and finally changed my mind. I somehow found the energy and focus to paint again. I told myself I was just going to finish this one. Just start again! This painting of the amish girl by the window had been upstairs unfinished for so long.

But here she is, and I think the title of this is perfect, especially with what’s happening today in the world. We just need to calm down, step back and take a breather. I think we need to do for ourselves, what we have to do..to renew and refresh. Start over, think differently.

Anyway, I wish you all good and better things this year, 2021. I pray it will be a much better and safer new year. Hope you enjoy “Contemplation”. Stay safe. Cheryl

Contemplation by Cheryl McNulty

There Is No Friend

 This illustration was designed originally for my children’s catholic elementary school when they were selling items for the school itself.  That is why the little girl has a uniform on.

I always liked the quote and I love to read myself, so to illustrate this was rather easy for me.  

I love to curl up with an enjoyable book and sit in a quiet corner and get lost in a  good story. 

But you don’t have to sit under a tree with apples either!  You can sit on a couch wrapped in a snuggie, and have tea and crackers- it doesn’t matter!

A book can truly be a loyal friend, making your loneliness disappear, keeping you company and taking you places you never dreamed of. Enjoy! 🙂

There Is No Friend As Loyal As A Book

A Poem About “Young Love”

Okay, I’m just going to throw this one out there. This is a poem I wrote when I was dating my husband. He lived a distance away when we were first dating and so I didn’t really see him much, except for weekends.

You know the feeling you have when you’ve just started dating the person, and can’t seem to get them out of your mind?  Just call it “young love”.

Anyway, all embarrassment aside, here is a poem titled “If I’m Dreaming”. Written January 9,1982 (wow!).

          If I’m Dreaming

If I’m dreaming please don’t wake me

I want this to last forever

and I don’t think that I could ever

bear the thought you’re just a dream.

I keep on thinking, what if someday

as we’re together growing older

someone just taps me on the shoulder

and it all just fades away.

Or we may be kissing on my doorstep

when a voice is heard behind me

and as I turn to look , I’ll find me

back in my room and all alone.

Or you could be lying close beside me

and as you wrap your arms around me

an empty blanket I’ll find surrounds me

when I open up my eyes.

I don’t want to go on thinking

that someday I’ll soon awaken

and find my heart has just been taken

on a never-ending ride.

We have something much too special

to have it last for just one nighttime

a love like ours should last a lifetime

not for just an hours sleep.

So if I find that I’m just dreaming

I’ll pray the Lord to sleep forever

so that I won’t have to ever

be without you by my side. 🙂

Well, there it is.  Hope you enjoyed this and maybe somehow relate.:)