An Amish Watercolor

Since I am trying to stay away from my pastels for a little while, I have been sketching ideas for watercolors and colored pencil.  It has been hard to get back in the swing of things and coming up with great ideas, but this one popped up in my head. It’s an amish girl (of course) and I am trying to figure out what I want her to be doing in this picture.  Is she doing laundry?  Is she feeding the cows or the chickens? I really haven’t decided and that’s why she is still half drawn in pencil.

I don’t want this to be an overly done painting, just a couple of details and slight background with more focus on just the way her dress falls and the simple bun in her hair. A simple, little painting, but hopefully, beautiful regardless.  I will post the completed picture as soon as I finish it. Hope you like the way it looks so far!:)



How My Daughter and Son Became Amish

Hello!  I just wanted to share with you what happens when I can’t find any good reference material or little child models to model for paintings I want to complete.  What I do is look through old photo albums when my kids were younger and when I find a perfect pose, I turn them into whatever I would like them to be.

For example,  I can take an old picture of my daughter when she was small, and if she is facing a certain way that I think that I can use, then suddenly she becomes a flower fairy…or an angel…or in this case, an Amish girl.

When I found these pictures, I could picture in my mind what I wanted them to be.  I just change certain items in the pictures to suit my needs and hopefully it comes out the way I want it to.  So far, Patrick is doing a fine job.  We’ll see, as he is not yet completed. He will be holding a goat in a barn, and Caitlin will be smelling flowers in a garden.

And that’s how my daughter and son became Amish…somewhat. I will share these when I am completed.  Hope you like them.ImageImage

New Cupcake Chef Pastel Drawing

Here is the newest, now on to the next one!  I love doing chef pictures…I always loved them and now it’s nice I can make my own!  This robust guy loves making cupcakes, hopefully not one at a time!  This time I added white text to the picture with another program.  Hope you like it.  Bon Appetit!

The Cupcake Chef

Best Friends Are Like Four-Leaf Clovers-A Colored Pencil Drawing

This colored pencil drawing was done awhile ago.  I figured since it mentioned four-leaf clovers in it and St. Patrick’s Day was Saturday, why not post this.  Makes me kind of realize I should do more St. Patrick’s drawings!  You think I would have more for this special day since my maiden name was Riley and my married name is McNulty!!!!!

Anyway, here is one for friends -and for St. Patrick’s Day!

Best Friends Are Like Four-Leaf Clovers

Pastel Picture of Angel With Baby Deer

Just completed this pastel picture.  I was ready to throw this one away several times!  I tried this one on the smooth side of Canson pastel paper, instead of the textured side, thinking it would be smoother. It is, but I did not like the way the pastel blended on this side.  It was like drawing chalk on a blackboard, and I get chills just mentioning that!  I erased the hair several times and the dress on the angel wasn’t what I expected as well   All in all, when I finished , I was not really happy, until I showed my kids…who LOVED it.  I guess it was that I knew all the problems I had with it that didn’t make me happy.

But I guess I am happy with it now.

Here she is…Angel With Baby Deer.

Angel With Baby Deer

Pastel Drawing of a Scarecrow (Fall House Flag Design)

Hello!  I just added this one to my portfolio.  I have been trying to add as many seasonal categories as I can to get a good variety of designs to showcase.

I really like this one because I really like the angle I went for.  It’s a little different from anything I have done.  I think I want to create more pictures drawn at different angles, instead of the typical straight view.  It’s a little more interesting.  The colors came out great and I used the smooth side of the paper, instead of the rough waffle-like side that leaves the funny pattern in your picture.

Anyway, I know it’s almost Spring, but hope you like my scarecrow for Fall.


Mr. Scarecrow

Easter Drawing Done In Pastels

Again, here is another picture I have attempted in pastels.  Every time I do a picture, I learn a little bit more about the different techniques and blending,etc.  I still think they are a lot of fun to use, and I love the realistic results that it brings. I really could not believe the way the rabbit turned out!

I am still trying my best to get in as many drawings (paintings) as I can before mid -February, when I plan to send these out with several others to greeting card  and art licensing companies . I hope I will have a nice grouping to show.

Hope you like this one for Easter.  More to come! 🙂 Cheryl

An Easter Drawing In Pastels