Patchwork Elephant on Etsy

I just finished this little guy the other day.  I have been trying to think of cute, little ideas for children’s rooms like abc prints and animals.  This is one of those ideas. Patchwork animals!

I really just started doing them so I really don’t know how people will take to them, but it’s fun and I love painting them.  This is the 3rd one as I have a bear and giraffe on my Etsy Shop as well.  Hope you like him.  You can find him here at my shop:


DSC00653 (1)

Patchwork Elephant

patchelephantE (1)



Amish Boy In The Barn

Here is another completed picture, Amish Boy In The Barn.  As I stated in my previous post, the boy was actually drawn from an old picture of my son when he was quite small.  He had the cutest face! 

It was actually a lot of fun to do.  I hope you like the result.  I plan on sending this to manufacturers of designs for the amish tourist areas in the United States. Maybe…just maybe!Image

Layla, A Springer Spaniel

This is a picture I just completed of my sister’s dog, Layla. Layla is a Springer Spaniel that could have been a show dog, but she has a slight underbite, which makes her adorable!  You can kind of see it here.  This was a gift and I love doing these as gifts, I guess, because the pressure isn’t on to finish any picture at any given time.  You can give it when you are completely satisfied, and it’s a gift!  No one will ever give the person anything like it! It’s so personal.

I hope you like it and I plan to do more dogs and pets and maybe…just maybe…start commissioning them.  Ooooo, that’s a big step, but I just may be ready.  We’ll see. In any case…enjoy! 


Santa and Snowmen, New Pictures

Sorry so long in posting…I have been busy trying to find which media to stay with, as I am all over the place.  I seem to be falling back to pastels though, as I really love the realistic look to it.

I did the snowmen pics in acrylics, which were fun…but the Santa was really fun.  I just love to blend and get the colors so vibrant!  Anyway, I hope you like these.