Friendly Scarecrow, Numbers 2 and 3

I have already posted Friendly Scarecrow No. 1 awhile back.  I am trying to do a series of 4 pictures because that is what the art licensing companies look for.  Now, I just have one more to go.  But for now, here is 2 and 3.  And yes, it has been kind of time-consuming, but worth it.  Hope you like these guys!






Watercolor Picture, Friendly Scarecrow

Well, I finally went back to doing watercolor.  I have been away from it for some time, and I love the way they look.  The colors are so bright and you can be rather spontaneous with them as well.  I love pastels and colored pencil, but this just seemed like a lot of fun for me. And it was like riding a bike, it all came back to me…and believe me I was scared!

Now I want to do a series of this little guy and see how they look.  Everyone around here that has seen this picture has loved it so far.  I hope you like this little guy, because I guarantee there will be more to follow. 🙂

Friendly Scarecrow



Here Is A Not So Scary Scarecrow!

Poor scarecrow!  I don’t think he’s quite caught on why he is not scaring those scarecrows away, and I think he just gave up!  Maybe it’s because he doesn’t look so scary.  Maybe he’s just a little too cute!  Oh well, maybe he needed some friends, anyway.

You know what they say…”If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”



Finally…A New Post

Okay, I was trying to think of something to write about… or even just share, and it was hard. I wanted to do something for the season and I finally came up with this picture I had done of a scarecrow, not being so….scary!  He is a little upset that the crows like him so much, after all they are supposed to be afraid of him.  I like the way he just has this look of discontent with the whole thing.  But it still is cute.  Enjoy!


The "Not so scary" Scarecrow