Another Amish Painting In The Works (and a mini painting)

Hello and so sorry for not keeping up on this blog.  I have not been feeling well on and off, and my husband had surgery for tumors on his kidney, which really sidetracked us all. He is all set and feeling much better now and things have been slowly getting back to normal. It has been hard to get back into drawing and painting again, and so I force myself to sit at my desk and just go through some creative books, sketching out ideas, etc. It’s coming back slowly.

But I figured I would get myself back in the flow with another amish painting and so I have started this one, and I think I am in love with how it is turning out. It is an amish girl holding an amish doll with a very plain but dark background. But with this background it really gives the painting some warmth and makes the girl glow somewhat. I can’t wait to paint her eyes and choose the color of her dress. I hope you like what you see so far.

I also am working on some mini paintings that may be displayed on little easels  on bookshelves, counters or anywhere you need a small amount of color or wherever you choose. I made my first Christmas one and I enjoyed painting it  so much, I think I will be  creating more.

Well, that’s it for now. I will be back for showing you this finished piece and hopefully the fisherman I had started. Enjoy!


New Amish Girl started


Star Snoman mini painting

The Little Miracle Pastel Painting

Hello all.  Of course I know it has been awhile, but I am still alive! I am trying so many different painting projects right now, and although I seem to be all over the place, I somehow make it work.  I have so many ideas in my head all the time. I wish that I could get all of these on paper NOW! But alas, I cannot. Unfortunately.

Anyhow, this is a painting I created awhile back, but I fixed it up with more color and softened it just a bit and put it on my Etsy Shop for Christmas.  I just love angels, and since Christmas is coming up fast, I thought this would be the perfect painting that could symbolize the miracle of Christmas.It seems as though this little angel is about to give this little baby an angelic kiss. A painting of pure love and devotion. I also think it could be used in a nursery as a guardian angel print.

I hope you like this one and hope to have more ideas up here soon.  Until next time!  Cheryl


The Little Miracle



House Flag Design Samples

I have always been interested in submitting my best designs to  house flag manufacturing companies, and since my old portfolio page is now being moved to a new site, there is no real place to showcase my art right now. For this reason, I am setting this page up to display my art pieces that I think are best suited for that market. I can also add any borders and text if needed. I hope you like what you see here.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions. Thank you.  Cheryl McNulty

flagcollage2flagcollage1flag collage 3flagcollage4flagcollage6flagcollage6flagcollage7Santawlanternflagrooster garden flag

Snow Couple Acrylic Painting

Just feeling kind of Christmasy!  Don’t know why, but even though it’s not even quite fall yet, I’m already wanting to play Christmas music!  Not the sing song “Jingle Bells” kind of music, but the soft, no words kind of Christmas music.  The kind I want to paint by, it makes me feel like a kid again with no worries.  Do you want a good music cd for that kind of music? Try Radhika Miller “Blossoms In The Snow” on  You can hear samples and you won’t be disappointed!

But I just love this cute, little snow couple! Just enjoying each others company in the frosty air!  They probably don’t even know it’s cold outside.  Wait a minute!  They’re made of snow, how would they know!  wink wink

I hope you enjoy the painting of these two!  If you are interested, they are being sold as cards and prints on my Etsy Shop.  The link to my shop is on my “about”page.

Have a good day!

snow couple

snow couple

Christmastime Is Here….

Hello! I know…I know…it’s not even Thanksgiving and I’m singing along to Charlie Brown’s Christmas CD and getting SO in the mood for Christmas right now. I guess it’s because I am an artist and in order for me to think of Christmas designs, I have to FEEL Christmas, and so I play Christmas music to get my creative juices flowing. Plus, it brings out the child in me and the ideas just flow. I can’t explain it!

Recently, I finished putting my designs on ceramic tiles for coasters, made some gingerbread salt dough ornaments and put some cards together for a shop that’s in the area here. I think they came out rather nice. Now I want to make some for me! Also, I am thinking of opening an Etsy store with my cards and prints and more soon, so there will be a place for those who like my designs to go and purchase whatever they like. I had an Etsy store once, several years back and started doing quite well, until I was advised to take my shop down in order for me to look more professional to the larger companies I wanted to send my artwork to. Bad idea. I could have had such a following right now, and doing what I love to do, but have not gotten anywhere with the larger companies at all. Now, I even see well known artist’s on Etsy and Fine Art America, so I guess I would be in good company right now!

But anyway, I will be on Etsy soon (already have my banner ready) and maybe even go back on Fine Art America. I think my store name will be CherylMcNultyArt, so please watch for me,and I will let you know when I am up and running! Now back to my Christmas music! 🙂

Finished Pastel Painting of My Dog Max

Yes, I finally finished Max’s picture, and when I was done…I felt a little sad.  It felt like I could actually touch him…and his eyes are just how I remember them…like looking into your soul.

So here he is, and hope you like him.  If you would like me to do a pastel portrait of “your” pet or someone you know,  please e-mail me and I can give you all the info on price and  to what I would need  as a picture to use as a reference.  They make great gifts for people for Christmas, especially if you don’t know what to get for someone, and the portraits last a lifetime! My e-mail is if you have any questions. You may also go to my portfolio site at, where I have samples of portraits I have done with the originals to compare.  Any design you see on this site can be made into a card, print, canvas print or whatever. I just take a design and send it through Zazzle, and make anything…so just ask and I will see what I can do.

I am also just starting to do watercolor pictures of angels with cats/dogs/pets,  for those who have passed away.   They can be comforting to the owners, I think.  I can take the picture of the pet with added wings and paint it to look just like the pet with an angel.  I will put up a picture of one asap.  Thank you and hope you like my Max!  He’s on my wall right now! 🙂DSC08581

Blackboard Snowman In Pastel

I just did a re-do of an old design for Christmas.  It’s a snowman done in pastels on black pastel paper. The results look like a drawing done in chalk on a blackboard, which is a popular look today in art design.

I really like the look.  I think I will try other designs just like this with other seasonal images.  Back to the drawing board!



My Own Personal Glitter House

Here is a Picture of my own personal glitter house.  I replicated the home I lived at for almost 13 years in the 1970’s to early 1980’s.  I was in my early teens and lived there until I was 24, and my mother and father were still living.  Christmas was always a wonderful time as my mother loved to decorate this house to the brim on the inside, while my father took care of the window boxes and wreaths or lights on the outside.

Since my parents have passed on, I felt the need to “have” something to remember this time and their presence, as I felt a sadness or emptiness, especially at Christmas.  This house was somewhat of an extension of them and the way it was designed with that great peak out in the front, just gave it it’s own personality. Years later,  I would still drive by this house just to stare and remember the great times we had here.  A picture just was not enough.

I had seen these pictures of glitter houses that people made for christmas in all shapes and sizes, and instantly wanted to try and make one, and that’s when it hit me.  I will make a glitter house of the house we had the best memories in.  I found a photo and just got to work.  I looked up how they made the plans, glued it to the base, adding snow-tex snow, etc. And somehow, I ended up with what you see here, although I have yet to add the glitter. Now,  I can turn this little house on and feel as if I could walk right up to that door and be welcomed in.  I now can say I finally feel peace at Christmas and feel as if we are all together again.  This took some time, but it was just so worth it!