A New Amish Watercolor

Hello all.  I have been in a slump lately, and not getting much done in the art department.  It comes and goes like this with me sometimes.  There are times I am so creative, I can complete more than 5 items on my drawing board. And then there are times when I fill my day with chores and fixing the house, etc., it seems I am purposely avoiding the drawing board, because the chores are easy and  I know the artwork takes more concentration, and therefore…more difficult. I also have to be in a very creative frame of mind with music playing and …I guess…a sort of flow going.

Anyway, I have watched some amish videos which somehow got the flow going again, thank goodness!  (There are some good ones on amishclothesline.com) When I do this, it’s almost as if my body  knows it has been starving for this creativity and peacefulness…with all the noise and anger going on in the world right now. Then, all of a sudden,  peaceful images start revealing themselves to me again. The love comes back and it’s so strong, I have to get it down on paper somehow.

This is one I am starting because I love going to Lancaster, Pa when the peach harvest is going on. I had wanted to paint a little amish girl harvesting peaches for the longest time.  I could picture the pale color of the bushel basket with the bright colors of the peaches, with the green of the grasses and her  colorful skirt… then add butterflies and a cat or dog…that’s what I am trying to capture with this painting.  I had originally wanted  it to be a pastel painting, but I may do one of those with peaches too, soon. This will be a watercolor.  Like I’ve said before, I never really know how it will turn out in the end, but it usually is good.  Let’s hope for the best! 😉


Amish girl with peaches

Three Different Views of an Amish Quilt

I just put up a new listing on my Etsy of an Amish Quilt and Straw Hat pictured three different ways.

I just love displaying my beautiful quilts that I bought on trips to Amish Country.  When I visit there,  I have always tried to find pictures, photos and paintings of bright quilts in a scene that I would love to display in my home , especially if I could not afford to buy one on a trip because of all the other goodies I had bought already! So habit forming! So this is the reason I put these photos together, so others can enjoy their beauty without all the expense. Like I said before, if you see something here or on my shop, and are not familiar with buying online, please email me at mcprop@cox.net, and we can set something up.

I hope you like these…there will be more to come and also, I am finally finishing up my Amish Watercolor with the calf and should have it up in a day or so, I can’t wait for you all to see it!  Enjoy!

lonestar3wmhatquiltanglsnwm lonestar2wm

Journals Made From My Artwork

Hello! I just wanted to let you know I have started creating journals with my artwork on the covers. I have made some for myself in the past for traveling agendas and diaries, so I figured I would just try and sell a few and see how they go.

They are very heavyweight for a journal, so they travel well without ripping or bending and I laminate the print of my art so it is protected from water and dirt and then I affix a jute ribbon (at least on this one pictured, it could be any ribbon) on the spine to finish the country, simple look of the design. These journals have 80 lined pages.


The Journal


Katie With A Bunny Journal


Other Journal Samples

The one I am starting with is “Wash Day”, the Amish girl doing laundry, and now, Katie With A Bunny.  Rebekah In The Barn and Kathryn In The Meadow were already sold, but can be custom ordered if you would like one, through Etsy or through email at mcprop@cox.net.

**Just know that anything you see on my Etsy Store , or here on my blog that interests you, and you are not familiar with ordering on a site like Etsy…  please don’t hesitate to email me at mcprop@cox.net and we could set something up if you feel more comfortable sending a check through the mail.  I realize there are probably many of you out there there may not be familiar ordering online.**

In the meantime, please check  out  cherylmcnultyart.etsy.com. and let me know what you think!  Trying a test run! Thank you!

Amish Watercolor Finally Started (whew!)

Here is a glimpse of the amish watercolor I am working on right now….with several other projects, of course.  Sometimes I am so excited with all the new ideas I have in my head, I don’t know which one to start off with.  Now I am in the middle of too many! I can’t seem to win.

Anyway, the reason this painting has held me up some, is because I can’t seem to find the perfect reference of a baby calf’s behind!  Sounds funny, doesn’t it. I have tons of books and so many pic s on the internet, but I really wanted a picture of a baby calf walking away with part of his head to the side (so you could see it was a calf)…but do you think I could find one! This is driving me crazy!  I’m sure I could improvise, even a little bit, but I can’t seem to find what I am looking for.  So I just started to paint the girl…at least it’s a start.  I want it to look like the little amish girl is walking alongside this calf in a field.  Just a quiet, serene picture. Hopefully finished soon… and if I can’t find a calf…who knows what I can substitute. Let’s just say…I want to find a calf!  I will post as soon as I have more, or am finished.  Take care and talk soon


The Amish girl started


Patchwork Elephant on Etsy

I just finished this little guy the other day.  I have been trying to think of cute, little ideas for children’s rooms like abc prints and animals.  This is one of those ideas. Patchwork animals!

I really just started doing them so I really don’t know how people will take to them, but it’s fun and I love painting them.  This is the 3rd one as I have a bear and giraffe on my Etsy Shop as well.  Hope you like him.  You can find him here at my shop:



DSC00653 (1)

Patchwork Elephant

patchelephantE (1)


Sock Snowmen…My New Obsession!

Hello everyone.  No, no!  I don’t have art to show you today, but I do have a craft I love doing and it seems I can’t stop!  At least for the Christmas Season anyway.  It’s sock snowmen, and I can’t get over how cute these little guys are. No two are ever the same and the ideas for them are practically endless. I have a small grouping in my kitchen right now, and my husband just laughed to see them all lined up looking at him, and so cute!

I have 3 I’m selling on Etsy right now, but I plan to have more up soon. Oh yes, and they have to have names!  Right now I have Flurry, Chipper and Mr. Twiggs. I love doing them because it gives me a break from all the drawing and I can just create and be a kid again. And then I instantly have a Christmas decoration when I’m done. You can never have too many Christmas decorations!

Anyway here they are…you’ll be seeing more soon.



"Mr. Twiggs"

“Mr. Twiggs”



I Made It On Amish Country News!

I have been waiting to put this post up, but I am so excited as today a pastel picture I painted is on the cover of “Amish Country News”, a monthly visitors guide publication for Lancaster, Pa . (They have 450,000 copies printed annually, and seven issues are distributed to over 300 locations, by subscription and in person, in Lancaster and surrounding counties.)
I approached the publication in June and asked if they took artwork, mentioning I do amish paintings. The publisher said they have artwork once a year for their cover, but it is for an advertisement for a local Chicken Pie business and if I wanted to submit something he would consider it and gave a deadline for the 4th of September. As soon as I sent it, the publisher brought it over to Zook’s Chicken Pies to show the owner, and they thought it was great! So today was the day it came out and it is out there until November 6th.
The funny part of all this is that I found a picture of my small nephew(Evan) eating a yummy piece of pizza at a party. I just loved his expression so much, I used his face for this painting. I added a straw hat, a chicken pie, fall colors for the background, etc….and this is how it came out. An Amish Evan! Maybe he will sell more chicken pies!
They also put another pic of mine in the issue at the bottom of the Zook’s PPie article and a half-page bio/profile for me and contact info. I’m still shaking! The publication can be seen here:

My Nephew Evan, who became Amish overnight in a painting

My Nephew Evan, who became Amish overnight in a painting

An Amish Evan

An Amish Evan

Another picture they used in the same publication

Another picture they used in the same publication