John-Boy Walton/Richard Thomas

This portrait has been sitting on a stand in my room for a few months now,waiting to be finished. I think he is done! Fans of “The Waltons” tv show…here’s John-boy (Richard Thomas)! I always adored him since…ummmm….way back when. I still remember seeing him at a restaurant in Washington D.C. on my honeymoon.  He was working on stage somewhere in the area and had stopped to eat. I almost died!  I SO wanted to get his autograph, but I didn’t want to bother him. I probably would have not been able to even speak anyway!

But anyway, I hope you like how he turned out. He will be on my Etsy store soon.

John Boy wm

John-Boy Walton/Richard Thomas


“Pink” completed, and an Amish Painting Redo

Hello everyone. This took some time, but “Pink” is finally completed. Oh, I wish I had nothing to do but paint all day, but there is still chores to do and orders to fulfill, etc. etc. But lately it has been quiet and I have had time to complete some paintings, and even start new ones.

I really enjoyed painting Pink with all that white hair (which I would just love to have myself). She is so beautiful!

The other painting, the Amish Girl,  you may be familiar with. This was a painting I had done awhile ago.  I had started her in watercolor and couldn’t quite figure out what the background would be. Then when I painted a complete background for her, I never was really happy with it.

When I had found the picture I had started with, a picture I had taken with just her face painted in, I liked it so much, I just added a simple quote to it.  I think I rather like the simple look to this better.

Hope you enjoy these two paintings, and I will show you what I have started in the next post. Until then…blessings!


Pink Completed


There is Beauty in Simplicity