A New Amish Watercolor

Hello all.  I have been in a slump lately, and not getting much done in the art department.  It comes and goes like this with me sometimes.  There are times I am so creative, I can complete more than 5 items on my drawing board. And then there are times when I fill my day with chores and fixing the house, etc., it seems I am purposely avoiding the drawing board, because the chores are easy and  I know the artwork takes more concentration, and therefore…more difficult. I also have to be in a very creative frame of mind with music playing and …I guess…a sort of flow going.

Anyway, I have watched some amish videos which somehow got the flow going again, thank goodness!  (There are some good ones on amishclothesline.com) When I do this, it’s almost as if my body  knows it has been starving for this creativity and peacefulness…with all the noise and anger going on in the world right now. Then, all of a sudden,  peaceful images start revealing themselves to me again. The love comes back and it’s so strong, I have to get it down on paper somehow.

This is one I am starting because I love going to Lancaster, Pa when the peach harvest is going on. I had wanted to paint a little amish girl harvesting peaches for the longest time.  I could picture the pale color of the bushel basket with the bright colors of the peaches, with the green of the grasses and her  colorful skirt… then add butterflies and a cat or dog…that’s what I am trying to capture with this painting.  I had originally wanted  it to be a pastel painting, but I may do one of those with peaches too, soon. This will be a watercolor.  Like I’ve said before, I never really know how it will turn out in the end, but it usually is good.  Let’s hope for the best! 😉


Amish girl with peaches

Another Amish Pastel In The Works

This is the picture that was inspired from a photo of my daughter, Caitlin, when she was small. She will be transformed into an amish girl smelling a flower in the garden with a butterfly or two.  I seem to be stuck in the garden of flowers as I am not sure what colors I want to use…so I sit and stare…and try to picture it in my mind.  I will try and finish this by mid-week at most.  Then, I will share it with you, I promise!  Any ideas…please share!


Another Angel In The Garden in Pastels

Again, my love for angels made me try another one, and of course, I am running out of titles as I love to place them in the garden many times.  I could actually have “Angel In The Garden” several times now,but until I can find another name for this, here is another angel in the garden :).  I am also not sure if I am finished with this yet, but I think I may be.  Just wanted to get this out there. Hope you like it.


The “Love and Hate List” (via Cherylmcnulty’s Blog)

Here is a reblog on one of my older posts I went through and found. I just felt it should be read again. Hope you like it! 🙂

Again, I found this entry in my journal.  This journal by the way, was intended to be given to my children to have when I am no longer here.  Kind of like a mish mash of feelings,poems, and what my kids mean to me. I gave my mother an empty  journal book (they were called “Anything Books”) as a gift for a birthday or Mothers Day, because I knew she liked to write.  She loved it and used it, and I found it after she passed away.  Our family used i … Read More

via Cherylmcnulty’s Blog

Where Is The Sun?????

Okay now, I can’t stand it any longer.  I need the sun!  It has almost been two weeks now and they are predicting even more clouds  and showers for about 4 or 5 more days now.  Come on!  I just need a peek, a little ray, I don’t care.  Something bright and warm for even a couple of minutes would be good.  I’m ready to get my little desk lamp and hold it over my head and pretend it’s the sun. Although I could burn myself…not good. Oh well…

Every day I get up, I want to roll over and go back to sleep.  Clouds again!  I mope around the house and get my coffee, draag myself to the toaster, get my toast and look out the window at the dreary sight.  The birds still sing though…I don’t know why.

There are mushrooms growing in my grass!  The new flowers I put in the garden are getting limp and look like they want to go to sleep.  I can’t even cross the grass without getting my pants all wet.  My deck paint is bubbling…blah…blah..blah.   And I just feel so sleepy all the time.

Without the sun, I don’t want to go to the park, go for a walk or even go to the store for that matter.  I feel like I have so much energy when the sun is out.  You feel like you want to do things.  The air smell good. not moldy !  Everything seems busy.  The bees and butterflies are flying about and the squirrels and chipmunks are playing “catch me”.  People are out walking and  talking with neighbors.  Kids are playing basketball and baseball.  And the grill!!!!  Can’t forget the grill!  I could really go for a hamburg or hot dog on the grill!

Anyhow, as you can see, I’m a little upset right now with the weather.  I guess I should make the best of it, like maybe clean the garage, wash windows and all that other FUN stuff :(.

Come on, sun….please, please come on out.  I promise I won’t say how hot I am, or how I’m so warm I wish it would rain, or any of that cruel stuff I used to say.  I promise.  Here’s a video and a picture to get you to come out again, okay… Here goes…

Hey Sun...over here!!!! Shine on me!!!