It’s A Little Late, but Mr. Easter Bunny Completed

Hi everyone!

I actually finished this little guy before Easter, but just never got around to putting him on my blog. But here he is, and I will have more to put up very soon. Hope all of you are doing well!


Mr. Easter Bunny Portrait

Katie With A Bunny Do Over

Hello.  This post is about a design that seems to be very popular with customers, and it is “Katie With A Bunny”.  This is the little amish girl with the purple dress holding her pet bunny.

I have recently started going over some of my older designs and fixing things that I notice are not as perfect as I like them to be. Since I have improved with my painting along the way, I take the older paintings and just fix little things here and there.

Although I  loved the painting, this painting always bothered me somewhat.  Katie is standing at an odd angle, looking back over her shoulder, and I never liked the way I captured that.  If you look at the newer version, I eliminated the shoulder hump and softened it.  Much better.

The purple dress had odd creases in the sleeves and I changed those. I altered the apron and added more shadows and highlights. I added more color in her cheeks and defined the nose more. Now I really like her. I think that will do!

I think she is perfect now and on to the next one!

Older Version

Newer Version (softened)

Newer Version (softened)

There Is Nothing Stronger, A Powerful Quote

Here is a colored pencil illustration of one of my favorite quotes. It was done awhile back, but I thought I would share it again, as it seems to be a favorite of many people out there.
I think the innocent, little girl holding the bunny was perfect here as she cradles the most gentle of creatures I could think of. I think it illustrates the quote rather well. I hope you like it.

There Is Nothing Stonger In The World Than Gentleness

There Is Nothing Stonger In The World Than Gentleness

Here is a link to my Etsy with this print:

Baby Fairy Picture Completed

Well, it took me longer than I thought, but here is the completed picture of the baby fairy.  This stage was just completing all the grass and flowers that surround the baby and also, the colorful sky.  I think it is just enough.  I feel like I should have something more in the background, but I  wanted to leave space for wording/text.

Hope you like the finished picture.

I am already working on another picture.  This is  a little different from what I am used to drawing though.  This picture has a little more meaning to it as it is of a homeless woman and a little girl at Christmas.  I will show you when I am done.

In the meantime, thanks for checking in!






An Old Easter Illustration

I’ve been going through my old drawings to see if I could find some interesting pieces to show you.  I came across plenty, and I will post them a little at a time.

It’s so interesting to see what I have created over the years, to see how my artwork has evolved over the years.   Back then, I did a lot of  my  illustrations in watercolors and marker, then  changed over to ink and colored pencil.  Also, I did a lot of portrait work back  then in pastels and charcoal, and even now when I look at those pictures, I can’t believe I did them as well as I did.  Everything was pretty balanced, from the nose to the eyes.

Well, here is an Easter illustration I created I think around the 80’s or so, and I remember how happy I was when it was completed because I was proud of myself that it came out so colorful and crisp and clean. It looks like I would find this in a store!  Oh well, maybe someday….

An Older Easter Illustration (around 1980's)


 Since Easter is around the corner, I guess this is appropriate.  Enjoy! 🙂

There Is Nothing Stronger

Now here is a more recent illustration I did of a quote that I really believe to be true. Again, I tried a dark background for a change, to make it look as if she were out in the woods.  I like the way her sweater stands out from the dark background.  And yes, she is holding a real bunny, unlike my brother in the previous post.  I was happy with the way this turned out.:)  Cheryl

Also, I don’t know if you realized this, but many of my pictures are of girls, and in them, you may find a small heart somewhere.  It may be a ring (like here) or an earring, or the print on a dress.  I did this as a series called “The Beautiful Girls”.  Look back in the older posts and see if you can find them.  This just made the designing of the illustrations a bit more fun to do.  I am also planning to do more little boys in the future. 🙂

There Is Nothing Sronger