So Sorry It’s Been So Long

Hi all! I am so sorry that I have not kept up with writing at least a little something sooner…just a lot going on lately.  My husband had a heart attack about a week back and it just has been so crazy around here.  Thankfully, my daughter who goes to college about 45 minutes away, had decided to come home early that day. If she had not been there for him when this happened (I had gone out food shopping) he probably would not be here right now.  And, if he had not gone into the hospital when he did, they would never had known about another blockage (about 70%) that would have been fatal.

He had two blockages, one on the right side (100%) which gave him the attack, and the one on the left. They took care of both and has 2 stents in both arteries now.  He only has 5% damage to his heart, which they say can be corrected with diet and exercise. He can be off the meds if he does this for a year. I am very thankful and keep telling him and everyone else that he has been given a second chance, and we will go forward and treat it as such. Very, very lucky and I truly believe prayers were answered here.

But anyway, I am trying my best to get back on track, and I am almost finished with my Wix website that I want to put up NOW, but it just needs a few finishing touches, a few more art downloads and then it can go public.  I will definitely share the news here first when it goes up.  Hopefully by the end of this week! I am also trying to finish some more art pieces that I can share with you that are being worked on.  I will try to do this in the next few days. But for now, I will say thank you for your patience and I will try to get something new up here asap.  Here’s my thank you to you!  Take care! Cheryl


Thank You!

House Flag Design Samples

I have always been interested in submitting my best designs to  house flag manufacturing companies, and since my old portfolio page is now being moved to a new site, there is no real place to showcase my art right now. For this reason, I am setting this page up to display my art pieces that I think are best suited for that market. I can also add any borders and text if needed. I hope you like what you see here.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions. Thank you.  Cheryl McNulty

flagcollage2flagcollage1flag collage 3flagcollage4flagcollage6flagcollage6flagcollage7Santawlanternflagrooster garden flag

Two Little Cuties Portrait Painting

I just recently painted this pastel painting of two adorable, little boys that are grandsons to an ex-coworker of my husband, John. He lives in South Carolina, and so I mailed it to him and his wife. It was kind of a surprise.
These are the two reference photos I used for the painting. The little boy with the glasses is older now, so I had to change a few things to make him look older than this reference photo. It was a joy to do both of them and even happier that they loved it.  Makes me happy!


Reference photo


Reference photo


The Finished Portrait

Patchwork Elephant on Etsy

I just finished this little guy the other day.  I have been trying to think of cute, little ideas for children’s rooms like abc prints and animals.  This is one of those ideas. Patchwork animals!

I really just started doing them so I really don’t know how people will take to them, but it’s fun and I love painting them.  This is the 3rd one as I have a bear and giraffe on my Etsy Shop as well.  Hope you like him.  You can find him here at my shop:


DSC00653 (1)

Patchwork Elephant

patchelephantE (1)


An Amish Watercolor Continued…

I thank you all for your awesome comments on my artwork! I love the ideas for the painting especially.  It’s so great to see how everyone sees one picture so many different ways. Actually, I was thinking of apple picking for this little amish girl,and I did think of feeding chickens as well. But so far I think I am leaning towards “Wash day” as I could see her surrounded in brightly colored,amish dresses hanging from a clothesline, and maybe a random cat by her feet looking up at her. I’m looking at reference photos now of how those dresses shadows and creases look if they are hanging on a line. It’s all done in steps…how’s the grass going to look?…how will the cat look, will it be all white or striped?…all little steps that make for a hopefully pretty painting.

So far this is how far I’ve gotten. I promise to be done by the end of the week, maybe even tomorrow if I stay at it. I am really liking this watercolor though. I love the way it flows and the more layers you use the brighter and richer it becomes. Hope you like it so far, and fear not, after this…I think I will do several others, and they just may be apple picking…and feeding those chickens! Great ideas!  😉


Painting the dress and skin colors


Painting the shading and creases in the dress



Another Christmas Print For Christmas In July

Just another posting of another Christmas print that I created a while ago.  It was originally made for my husband as a  design for a birthday card as his birthday is on Christmas. The card originally said, “Merry Birthday To You!” and the figgy pudding was like the birthday cake.  I liked the design so much I decide to change it up a bit and put it out there for everyone to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy this one too!

Now, can’t you just feel a chill in the air???

Merry Christmas Santa With Reindeer

Merry Christmas Santa With Reindeer

Another Amish Pastel Painting, Rebekah In The Barn

Wow!  I can’t believe I have finally finished this painting.  This took me some time as I was at first busy with painting some rooms in my house, and then a graduation came and went, and the painting just sat against my desk half done.  I hate doing that, too.  Starting a painting and then not finishing it, only because it breaks up the creative flow you had when you first started.  It’s more difficult to get back into it again,and I think every time I saw the painting there waiting…I was almost afraid to start in on it again. So one day I just said to myself I wasn’t going to start another project until I finished this, and I kept at it until I felt I was finished.  It’s funny, you never really feel like it’s perfect, you just know there is nothing more you could add or take away that will make any more of a difference. At least for me…I always think it could have turned out better doing this or that. But I guess that’s all about the learning process…and then you start another one and say this will be better than the last. I do like the way this one turned out though.  I just love her face and peaceful expression, and that’s the thing that I always try to attain. I hope you like Rebekah In The Barn. It sure took some time for her to arrive! And now…onto the next one…whew…:) If you are interested, this will also be available on Etsy soon.

Rebekah In The Barn

Rebekah In The Barn

Photographs On Etsy

Hello!  I have been busy painting some rooms in my house that have been in bad need of a makeover for some time now.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to finish some paintings and drawings I have sitting on my desk.  Since things are winding down now, I think I can get back to the drawing board for a bit before getting back to doing a little more on the house. In the meantime, I have been going through some pretty awesome photos that I have in my collection and posting these on Etsy.  They consist of the Amish (of course), nature, animals.etc. If you get a chance, please shoot over to my Etsy shop and check them out.  I try posting everyday so there is something to new to look at.

Thanks for looking and hopefully back with more art! 🙂

Two Buggies

Two Buggies

Pretty Cow

Pretty Cow

Going To Market

Going To Market

My New Website At Fine Art America

Hi all!  I just want to say I have been doing great at posting many pieces of artwork to my new venture, “Fine Art America”.  The newest feature that I think is  really great with this site is that you can create your own website. The website contains every picture I have posted here, but I think it is a great way for artists to get noticed even more.

Please visit at  Cheryl McNulty-Fine Art and click on “visit website” under my pic.  Hope you like it!