Getting ready for Fall, like everyone else!

Getting ready for pumpkins,cornstalks,apple picking,beautiful leaves…and the smells! Pumpkin Pie…Pumpkin Coffee!!!!  This heat here in RI would make anyone want Fall!  Here are some paintings and illustrations to get you in the mood! Selling some now as prints on Etsy. :))))scarecrowregszfx2 (1)scarecrowjmpfxScanscarecplfxscarecrowdydrmfx (1)

Another Amish Pastel In The Works

This is the picture that was inspired from a photo of my daughter, Caitlin, when she was small. She will be transformed into an amish girl smelling a flower in the garden with a butterfly or two.  I seem to be stuck in the garden of flowers as I am not sure what colors I want to use…so I sit and stare…and try to picture it in my mind.  I will try and finish this by mid-week at most.  Then, I will share it with you, I promise!  Any ideas…please share!


Blackboard Snowman In Pastel

I just did a re-do of an old design for Christmas.  It’s a snowman done in pastels on black pastel paper. The results look like a drawing done in chalk on a blackboard, which is a popular look today in art design.

I really like the look.  I think I will try other designs just like this with other seasonal images.  Back to the drawing board!



Woman Chef in Pastels

Just finished a picture of a woman chef to go with my other man chef picture. The colors are slightly different, but they are both awesome!  It was rather difficult to find a woman chef picture  anywhere as far as I could see. Don’t know why that is!  But anyway, hope you like this one. woman chefrz

Santa and Snowmen, New Pictures

Sorry so long in posting…I have been busy trying to find which media to stay with, as I am all over the place.  I seem to be falling back to pastels though, as I really love the realistic look to it.

I did the snowmen pics in acrylics, which were fun…but the Santa was really fun.  I just love to blend and get the colors so vibrant!  Anyway, I hope you like these.