Pastel Portrait Of Lucky, A Springer Spaniel

Here is a pastel portrait of my neighbor’s dog, Lucky.  He is a special dog and we have known him for a long time now.  He is getting on in years and I  had wanted to do his portrait for some time. My daughter, Kelsey, would sometimes feed and walk him, and she grew very close to him over the years.  Lucky  was always a good  dog, and also very smart. There were times he would carry his own leash in his mouth when Kelsey would walk him. so funny!

I gave this portrait to my neighbor as a surprise just the other night and her reaction meant more to me than any payment would have been…and I was happy to do it! Enjoy!Image


Giraffe In pastel On Velour

Well, here is another attempt (I just keep trying) at another cute animal in pastel on velour.  Now I loved this one!  The only thing was that I first did him by himself, then changed it by adding some kind of foliage in the background to make him “pop”…but it did not.  I did not like it.  I need to practice more on how backgrounds work.  I then covered over the dark background with heavy white and blue pastel because you can not erase on this.  I didn’t even think it would cover to tell you the truth, but it did a decent job.  I just wanted him to show up.  I hope you like it.  I just want to touch him!

Giraffe in Pastel On Velour