First New Angel Painting For The New Year

I did it! I actually finished one of my paintings in the first week of the new Year! It was so tough just to find time to close myself off in my studio and to do nothing by paint…but boy, did it feel good! Christmas is all put away now, and it’s back to concentrating on other things, painting being one.

I haven’t got a title for this one yet, but it was painted from a vintage black and white photo of a little girl. I colorized it in the colors I chose and made her a sweet angel. I like the way she came out, with a gentle, peaceful look on her face. I will have a title for this soon, and then place it on my Etsy shop.

I wish everyone the best of health and much happiness for the New Year! Enjoy and check back soon! Thank you. :))

beautiful angel

Sorry So Long, New Pastel Paintings Coming Your Way!

Hello, and I know it’s been awhile….a long while. I recently had new vinyl floors put in the whole house. We had to pack everything away and live in the kitchen for a week or so. When it was done, we put everything back in every room, and then I just could not get the creative flow back. I had to clean up after all the dust, and touch up all the paint that was ruined by removing a wall to wall carpet. But anyway, it is done and I have pictures to show you of the floors. I am so happy with them. I actually like my house now!

Anyway, I just had to put up the next few pictures I am working on. I just forced myself to sketch at least a few to get the creative part of me excited and in the flow again.

Here are the ones on the drawing board now. I love the way the angel I am painting is coming out. It is from a vintage black and white, and I am bringing her to life with color and adding other details as well. Then I have had great interest on the painting of John-Boy Walton on my Etsy shop, I decided I would try Mary- Ellen and Elizabeth. I can’t wait to finish those. There is also the Amish Barn Landscape I am going to try with “lots of color”! I have also sketched out an amish boy, but haven’t decided what to do with him yet! It’s all quite and adventure! Now let’s see if I can squeeze out these paintings between Thanksgiving and Christmas! I will keep you posted on updates, I promise. Until then….:))

My new vinyl flooring…I love!

Angel Painting In The Works

Here is the beginning of an angel painting in pastel that I am currently working on. I haven’t painted an angel in so long, I figured I would like to try painting some again. I really like the way this is turning out and I can’t wait to finish her, but I am being extra cautious and want to get everything just right! I’m using a lot of scrap paper!

Anyway, I can’t wait to share the finished piece. I will try to complete her after Easter. Please drop by again in a week or so as she should be completed by then! Crossing fingers!

Stay safe!

Angel In The Works

Another Angel In The Garden in Pastels

Again, my love for angels made me try another one, and of course, I am running out of titles as I love to place them in the garden many times.  I could actually have “Angel In The Garden” several times now,but until I can find another name for this, here is another angel in the garden :).  I am also not sure if I am finished with this yet, but I think I may be.  Just wanted to get this out there. Hope you like it.


Lancaster Morning and Angel With Flowers

Here are two new pastel pictures I have been working on.  Since Christmas, it has been so hard to keep working on my art, but I finally started up again.  I tried my hand at a landscape with Lancaster Morning.  I took a photo I had from our last trip to PA and added an air balloon to it.  Then, I just had to do  one of my best-loved subject…angels. I like the way this came out so soft and looking like Spring!

Hope you like them!  Back to the drawing board…so I can show you more. 🙂Image



Pastel Angel Girl In Progress

I am now taking a needed break from watercolor and trying my hand at doing pastels again.  I love pastels!  I can do them rather quickly and I love the realistic result.  I just love adding highlights here and there and making the wispy pieces of hair.  The pictures  seem so alive.  I can’t wait to finish this one.  I am having a hard time trying to decide what color the background should be, and just praying I don’t mess this up!  Oh well, back to the drawing board.  Hope you like what I have done so far. 🙂


angel girl in progress

angel girl in progress

New Pastel Drawing “Angel Kiss”

Here is the newest addition to my ever-changing portfolio.  This is a picture that was inspired from an old picture taken of my daughter when she was little kissing little sister Kelsey on the head.  Every time I looked at the picture, all I could picture was an angel kissing baby Jesus, and I finally drew it.  Hope you like it!

The Original Photo

The Painting “Angel Kiss”