Amish Painting “At Day’s End” Completed!

I finally finished this Amish themed pastel painting titled, “At Day’s End”. I must say, this took me awhile, with a lot of fixing and erasing! But I made it!

With this painting, I wanted to portray an Amish girl lost in her thoughts, at the end of a busy day. At this moment, she is enjoying the quiet and gathering wildflowers as the day turns to dusk. What could she be thinking? What will tomorrow bring, perhaps? I hope you like her.


I added the farm in the background and the quilt for added interest.


I just love the sky!

Amish Painting Continued

So…..I am still at this painting and I don’t know why it’s taking me so long. I think it may be that I am wanting this painting to be more realistic, especially with the  background scenery. Also, getting caught up in all the negative news out there and can’t seem to settle down and just concentrate. I am almost completed with this though, and I’ve done more than you see here right now. I am shooting for a couple more days, and I should be done with this one.

I have changed many things with this painting, too….and erased a lot! But I can see now, it will all be for the best.  I promise I will show you as soon as I am completed. Back to the drawing board…and maybe play some peaceful music, that may help! Back soon!


This stage is always the toughest…it always looks like it’s not ever going to look how you intended it to. Just have to keep going.

Sarah Hugging The Cow

Hello again. I am finally… somewhat… finished with this painting.  I was afraid to put up this painting too soon, as I kept going back to it and wanting to change things. It still needs touching up …darken, lighten, brighten…whatever. I know it needs something more, but I had to put this out here as I am going on a weeks vacation to….you guessed it…Pennsylvania! So when I get back,  I will work on this some more until I feel satisfied.  I  also added a quote to give it a little something extra, something to think about.

I painted this picture because I know what it feels like when you stop and hug your dog or cat, any animal… and they feel so warm and your troubles melt away. You feel you have a connection with this animal and it just feels so good.  I could just picture an amish girl or boy finishing their chores and just relaxing, enjoying loving the animals on the farm. Maybe just seeking  a quiet place to get away and contemplate.

But anyway, here she is…Sarah Hugging the Cow. I hope you like her.


Sarah Hugging The Cow




Lydia At The Farm Stand Completed

Wow, this took me so long to complete!  If you only knew how many times I corrected and changed things, erased and fixed, practiced over and over for the canning jars of fruit/veggies…but alas, I am finally finished.  I do hope you like it.  I have wanted to do this picture for so long.  I could never find a picture like this when I was looking for one in Amish country as a nice keepsake to take home with me, but now I have created one for myself…and for others!  It is exciting.

I think she turned out beautifully, and her face, like the others, seems so serene. I wanted it to look like the background was slightly out of focus, giving the feeling you were there on her farm, but focusing on what was in front of you.  The beautiful girl and what she has to sell on this warm, breezy summer day.

The next plan is maybe a boy and girl in the back of a buggy, facing opposite directions with their heads resting on their arms, looking like they are daydreaming. And then, one called “The Secret”, with two amish girls whispering to each other, and maybe  another picture with a cow, or horse…..I could go on and on!  Anyway, please let me know what you think and I will also have prints and cards put up on my Etsy site at :

I think I may also try canvas prints and pillows at some point, I will let you know.  Thank you for looking and reading!

Lydia At The Farm Stand

Lydia At The Farm Stand