A New Painting finished, “The Discovery”

I recently finished an acrylic painting titled, “The Discovery”. The idea for this painting came about from a photo that had been taken of my daughter while vacationing in Jamaica for a week. She was in dire need of time off far away, and when she was there, she seemed to find herself. She was free, happy and showed part of herself we hadn’t seen since she was a child. She totally enjoyed everything and every moment she was there (and even got tattoos, temporary ones, but tattoos nonetheless) to emphasize her discovery of self. Thats the sun and moon on her back. Very spiritual.

The way she is facing the beautiful horizon, her tattoo facing us, and the beautiful blues of the water and sky are like her promising future. She could never go back and be the same person again. She’s changed now.

I believe a print of “The Discovery” would be great for anyone that feels they found their inner being or for someone that has come back from an Island, such as Jamaica, and feels changed in some way. I hope you like this new piece. Something different and challenging. Please check out my Etsy shop, where you will find this print and many others. Thank you so much!

The Discovery

Another Angel With Dove Completed, Plus a Quick Acrylic Painting

As usual, it’s been awhile since I posted last, but I finally completed this beautiful angel painting. I really like the way she came out, and I loved painting this, as painting angels always bring me peace. The way the sun is beaming and the dove descending, so peaceful. I sometimes wonder if the peacefulness I feel as I paint something like this, if it makes the viewer feel the same way. I hope so. That’s the gift. Enjoy!

Also included here is a quick painting I attempted of a sunset over the ocean, sparkling water, reflections and all. I really enjoyed this and hope you like the way it came out. I think I’m addicted! There will be more!

Amish Themed Photographs With Quilts and More

Hello and I know it’s been awhile.  I am so sorry. I just came back from a week out to North Carolina and I have been so out of sync…but I am getting there!

I have been starting to paint some farm, fruit signs that almost look like the vegetable ones I am selling currently on Etsy.  The vegetable signs seem to be so popular, so  I figured I would also try several paintings of fruit.  I will show you when they are finished and ready to put up on Etsy.

But in the meantime, as many of you know, I have a passion for doing pictures and paintings with amish themes. I am currently working on a watercolor painting of an amish girl walking with a calf through grassy field.  It’s just a sketch right now, but I will show you what I have soon… But while this is in the works, I figured I’d show you these photos I create and sell on Etsy.  They are prayer caps and straw hats used in photos with quilts and I add inspirational quotes when I think they would add to the photo.Some I haven’t put up on Etsy yet, but will be soon…Enjoy!


The fruit signs in the works

DSC00989 (1)wmsn

Amish Prayer Cap With Quote


Amish Cap and Straw Hat On Quilt

amish hat framed

Amish Straw Hat on Quilt

amish cap and hatwm

Prayer Cap And Amish Man’s Hat on Quilt

A bible quote is added to this print

A bible quote is added to this print