New Amish Painting “Little One” Completed

Just wanted to share my newest Amish themed pastel painting, “Little One”. In this newest art piece, this young, Amish girl just finished her chores and is enjoying a peaceful moment with the new addition to the family, a little guinea pig. The serene look on the Amish girl’s face, added with the late afternoon glow of the background, I believe brings this art piece together. Just a beautiful, serene piece of artwork.

This print would make a great gift for anyone that enjoys visiting Amish Country or for someone who collects amish themed items. Also, a great piece for someone that likes art that calms the soul. I am really happy with the way this turned out. I hope you like her!

For anyone that may be interested, I just added her to my Etsy shop. Thank you for enjoying my art! Be back with another piece soon!

Little One

Back From Vacation and Ready With More Amish Paintings

Hello! It’s been awhile but I’m back from vacation after a couple of weeks and have 3 new paintings to share (1 completed, 2 in the works) with you.

Again we visited Amish Country in Lancaster, Pa, and I couldn’t wait to get back home and try to finish all 3 of these paintings! I will soon!

I’ve finished a new Amish painting titled, “James, Amish Innocence” and I just loved the way this one came out. This one is already on my Etsy Shop!

“James” is an art piece which seems to be just a simple portrait of an Amish boy in his black hat and vest, but really, it is so much more than that. James innocence here shines through from his curious glance and quiet demeanor, to his long eyelashes and rosy cheeks. Such a simple but beautiful portrait. Great for anyone that loves to collect amish artworks or likes to visit Amish Country.

Then I have a little Amish girl holding a guinea pig, which I haven’t titled as of yet. I really like the glow from the sun around her. It was a challenge to try and pull that off as I have never done a painting with a “glow” effect before, but always wanted to. I also like the way she is looking down at the small animal here. I’m almost done with this one, when I am finished with the guinea pig the painting will be complete, then I will share this one as soon as I can.

The last painting is a nice one and I can’t wait to finish this one, also. This painting I actually took from a picture of my daughter sitting under a gazebo in the sunset in Pennsylvania, another “glow effect” painting. I just added a cap and amish dress and she looks like an amish girl taking a rest at the end of a hard working day. I need a title for this painting also. Well, it’s back to the drawing board for now! I will post these as soon as I can! Enjoy!


Amish Girl With Guinea Pig
Amish Girl Resting

New Amish Painting “David and the Baby Goat”

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. Ive been on the mend as I had Covid a week or two ago and it was a little tougher than I thought it would be.

Anyway, I’m back and finally finished this painting, just before I got sick actually. It took this long to put it up! I really like the way this painting came out too. The colors are easy on the eye, with a simple, uncluttered background. The focus is right on David…and those beautiful blue eyes. He has a very determined, but gentle look on his face as he tends to the one of many animals on his farm. This is on my Etsy shop now.

Also, I wanted to show you that I am almost finished with Mary-Ellen Walton. I just have to finish her hat! I would love to paint a picture of the Walton House with a light on in the window like on the show. I will let you know if I ever attempt that. But I will try to paint more I promise. Stay safe and check back soon. Enjoy!

David and the Baby Goat

Mary-Ellen Walton

Amish Painting “A Time To Rest” Completed

Hello! I finally finished my painting “A Time To Rest” , an amish painting to add to the many I have already completed. I just enjoy painting these so much, as it brings the stress level down!

This painting with the amish girl and her horse, I had been wanting to do for awhile now. I wanted to depict the buggy horse and the amish girl, just resting together and enjoying the moment. Work will always be there, but for now, it’s resting time. Something we all need to do for ourselves. I think this painting evokes a sense of calm. I hope you like the painting.

I also added an update on the amish girl looking out over the misty morning. I fixed some things I wasn’t happy with in the painting and fixed it up a bit and I also changed the name to “Mary and The Misty Morning”. I just like to name my subjects sometimes as it makes it more personal, I feel.

So, I have one more on the drawing board I have yet to finish and it’s the amish boy a couple of posts down, and I can’t wait. I will update you as soon as I have more on him. Thanks for coming by!

“A Time To Rest”
“Mary and the Misty Morning”

Amish Paintings Update

Hello again and hope you all are well.It’s been good here so far…I just want Spring NOW!

Anyway, I just wanted to show you and update you on the last paintings I showed you that were in the works, and a couple of other things I have done besides.

So I did finish the Amish Girl in the doorway overlooking her farm on a beautiful, summer morning. When we have gone to Lancaster, Pa. in the summer, on the most humid of days, the early mornings always greet you with this mist and fog that looks a bright white and mutes the colors of the landscape. It’s quiet as well as beautiful ,and I wanted to capture that in this painting. She looks like she is just quietly observing, and that’s just like me! Of course I titled this, “Misty Morning”. I hope you like her. This painting seems peaceful and somewhat calming.

The Amish girl in the barn with the horse is “almost” completed, Just a little more to go. Then I have to title her. I put up some of the stages to this painting. I really like her gentle face and the way the horse is coming out.

I still have the Amish Boy with the straw hat, the same as what you previously saw. I haven’t decided what he is doing just ye, and I keep researching for ideas. I do hope to have him started when I am done with the Girl in the barn.

I am also sharing here a bird that I just wanted to try in watercolor, because my daughter loves Birds, and I wanted to surprise her. I want to do more now, of course!

And lastly I have a hummingbird…who doesn’t love hummingbirds. I wanted it to be as colorful and bright as I could get him, then added a cute, little quote.

Well, that’s it for now. I will put up the ones that need finishing as soon as I am able. Enjoy!

Misty Morning
Girl With Horse Just started
Still Working On It
Almost There!
Little Bird Watercolor
The HummingBird

New Amish Paintings In The Works

Hello again! I’m so excited to share these 3 new amish paintings with you today. I haven’t painted amish children in awhile, and so when I had this spurt of inspiration, these 3 came to mind.

They are all sketched out with the faces partly done, which I love to do to get me motivated. I still have to think of backgrounds, and colors (so they work together), to make a beautiful painting in the end…hopefully. It’s all step by step…eyes…to go with dress color…to go with background color, etc. What will be in the background…not sure yet…just keep going…little bit at a time. It would be nice to paint a painting all in two hours or so and have it completed, but it doesn’t ever work out that way. But here within lies the challenge, to bring it to a satisfying completion. The journey is the fun part in the creating of an inspirational piece. To take the viewer a sense. That’s always the ultimate goal.

I will come back and show you the pieces further along soon, maybe even completed…who knows. I will try to show you something here in a week.

Thank you for your interest and be back soon! Take care. Prayers for Ukraine! Cheryl

Amish Boy
Amish Girl In Doorway
Amish Girl In Barn With Horse

New Paintings Completed

Hello again. Just wanted to share what I have been working on lately. I’ve been trying some new subjects and trying my hand at watercolors again. I just completed a hummingbird painting, and I really liked the way it came out….I just don’t enjoy painting with watercolors like my pastels. Maybe if I do it enough I will, but it’s a lot of waiting for paint to dry… laying down layer after layer of color …and don’t even think of making a mistake! You are done! Start over! But certain subjects look better in watercolor and this worked out fine.

I also tried painting two Amish Barns in a simplistic style with my pastels.( I want to try this also in acrylics…but I wanted to see if it worked in pastels.) It felt so good to just paint without getting too detailed and perfect. The colors are saturated and I love the contrast of the blues and yellows. That was fun…and I will do more!

As of now, I am still trying to finish up Mary Ellen Walton, but her hat has many little squares of color which is taking forever to figure out! But I wanted to show you what I have completed on her portrait. I wish I had more to show you, but it has just been harder to sit at that desk with all this Russia and Ukraine news. It is very hard to concentrate and stay positive and paint something inspirational when all that is going on, but I’m trying. I pray for Ukraine every night and day. Stay safe all!

Hummingbird Painting
Amish Barn Simplistic Style
Another Amish Barn Simplistic Style
Mary Ellen Walton Still Unfinished

New Amish Paintings And Elizabeth Walton Completed

Hello! I finally did it. Three paintings completed, finally! I am so happy I accomplished this and really happy with all of these.

The two new Amish paintings were a lot of fun, especially trying the landscape painting, which I haven’t painted too many of. But what I thought was going to be “impressionistic” and simple, of course for me…turned out to be more of a perfectionistic approach. I can never seem to just throw the color on the paper and go with the flow, which I really want to try! But anyway, I’m very happy with the colors and the feel of the painting, since my photo (which I took on one of my trips down to Lancaster) was very dull colored. This came out really warm.

“The New Puppy” was also a lot of fun, but always a challenge trying to keep the focus on the amish boy and girl with the puppy, and not the background. I had to stop myself! I added the flowers in the girls hands to look like she had just picked them from the field, then decided to stop over to see her brother and his new companion. I just like the serene feeling to this painting.

And then there’s little Elizabeth Walton! This was really for fun and because I love the Walton’s Show so much. She is so cute! I wanted it to look like the scene from “The Homecoming” when she is standing beside the Christmas tree as Mary Ellen is calling her names. I tried my best to look like she had raised eyebrows as she defends herself.

Anyway, I hope you like them and the Amish ones are now on Etsy, and Elizabeth will be on there soon! Stay Safe!

The New Puppy
Amish Barn at Sunset
Elizabeth Walton

Paintings Coming Along!

Hello again. Just writing this quick post about the paintings I am working on, and they seem to be coming along…slowly. My gosh, it just seems like I am just dragging along and not accomplishing much these days. I can’t seem to get in more than 2 – 3 hours at a time each day, and its really bothering me. I want to finish one painting, that’s all I want. I will hopefully have this Amish painting done tomorrow, it’s actually further along than what I have here, but I want to surprise you when it’s completed.

Also, I just started putting color onto little, Elizabeth Walton from the Waltons . I just loved her so much in the Waltons show, but this painting is from the pilot movie that started it all, “The Homecoming”, which I have to watch every Christmas! This painting is when she is standing by the Christmas tree after Mary Ellen called her a Piss Ant. Her reaction is priceless! This is just for fun, because I already painted John Boy, and I have Mary Ellen to do as well!

But I am still working hard at this to keep adding to my paintings, and so I will share the completed ones as I do them and keep you posted. Each of these will be added to my Etsy Shop as soon as I get to it! Thanks for stopping by!

Beginning Stages, Still thinking of Title
Getting Farther Along, Puppy is so sweet
Elizabeth Walton!

First New Angel Painting For The New Year

I did it! I actually finished one of my paintings in the first week of the new Year! It was so tough just to find time to close myself off in my studio and to do nothing by paint…but boy, did it feel good! Christmas is all put away now, and it’s back to concentrating on other things, painting being one.

I haven’t got a title for this one yet, but it was painted from a vintage black and white photo of a little girl. I colorized it in the colors I chose and made her a sweet angel. I like the way she came out, with a gentle, peaceful look on her face. I will have a title for this soon, and then place it on my Etsy shop.

I wish everyone the best of health and much happiness for the New Year! Enjoy and check back soon! Thank you. :))

beautiful angel