This is not only a blog about my artwork and why I do what I do, but it is also about fond memories of people, places and times past. I’ve thrown in movies that I enjoy and would like to share, as well as thoughts about life and lessons learned. I hope you enjoy my blog.

A Little background history:

I am a busy mother of 3  (now adult) with much imagination, I have been creating and marketing my illustrations, portraits and prints since my early teen years, as art has always been my deepest passion. Many years ago,when I finished high school, I didn’t have the funds to go to Art School as a full-time student, so I took night courses and continuing education classes in Art and Illustration with the Rhode Island School of Design. This gave me the confidence, the knowledge and the tools I needed to someday fulfill my dream of being Licensed, becoming a freelance designer for a well-known Greeting Card Company or to even own an online shop, like my present Etsy Shop.

My artwork style ranges from whimsical to realistic, with some photography mixed in. But all images here have a common theme, to inspire and uplift. My goal has always been to try and create images that are not only pleasing to the eye, but to also stir up emotion in the viewer. Making a connection is my ultimate goal.

Most of my artwork centers around children and their innocence, the Amish, angels and whimsical characters.  I also love to illustrate quotes that are important to me.

Also, I have recently set up a new shop on Etsy at :


It’s a lot of work, so it may take some time to add the many prints of paintings you may be seeing posted here and being created throughout my blog, but fear not, it will all get done!  I presently  am setting up a new and fresher website, which seems to be taking longer than I thought it would.  But I hope to have it up and running soon, and I will post it here on my blog as soon as it is ready, I promise!

Thank you so much!!!!


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  1. Dear Cheryl,

    You asked me if the words on your cards may prove to actually be detrimental to their acceptance into the commercial mainstream world of greeting card companies. First, when you say ” I love to illustrate quotes that are important to me” it tells me right away that you can not lose the quote because it is the source of your inspiration. I like the quotes and images are universal (I like the post you did called “Smile, it confuses people”)

    You can not lose your quotes because then you lose your passion and people know–without you needing to tell them–when your passion is gone. Instead, have you considered submitting your illustrations and then including (on a separate sheet) your quote? Tell the greeting card companies and licensing companies that they can choose to include or not include the quote if they choose (on the inside of the card or anywhere). This way you eliminate the chance that the words are what are keeping your cards from being heartily accepted.


    ~Dorian Wacquez

  2. Cheryl,

    You were kind enough to comment on my post 8 Tips On Surviving Dysfunctional Families During The Holidays. I just wanted to circle back and see how it went.


  3. I came to return the favor! You recently visited my blog Mck5 and I wanted to visit yours.I love it! I love the Twilight movies,I used to paint ceramics and have won first and second place ribbons.Mariah my daughter has been listening to Kenny Loggins return to Pooh Corner cd to go to sleep since three months old she is now eight but still got to have it.We really do have alot in common! Will check back tomarrow so I can read more of your posts.I have another blogg at http://www.kimberlykabel.com. Check it out and tell me what you think! I think we could be email friends or facebook friends you can find me there also or twitter Mck5.Have a Great Evening ! Kimberly Kabel !

    • Thank you for checking out my blog. Yes, we do have alot in common. I’m sure there are more of us out there, too! I will be keeping tabs on your posts as well. It’s good reading! Thanks so much! Cheryl

  4. Cheryl, I am duly impressed. I will enjoy nosing around your lovely blog and seeing what you are up to. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. Margie

  5. Thanks so much! Sounds great and I will visit yours as well. 🙂

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