Amish Painting “Noah’s Puppy” Completed

Hello! So sorry this took me awhile, but the coronavirus has really made it hard to keep me focused on my painting as we are all working at home here, and I had to change rooms for awhile. Half of my art supplies etc are now in disarray in my bedroom and it’s hard getting set up and getting used to painting in a darker room…grrrrr. Anyway, we are all making the best of it.

But alas, I managed to finish this painting and I really hope you like it. I really enjoyed painting this one and seeing it finally all come together. I love this little puppy!

Also, I couldn’t put this painting up until I had a title for it, and I went sifting for names, and Noah seemed perfect.  Now it is done. I am also putting up the beginnings of a painting that is different for me to try. It is a portrait of the Easter Bunny. Just wanted to see what would happen with this.  I am further along on this one than you see here, and I will put this one up soon. In the meantime, I will be putting Noah up on my Etsy Shop in the next day or so.

So, again I’m sorry this took longer than I thought. Hope you like this one. Until next time, please take care and stay safe!  Cheryl


Noahs Puppy Amish Painting



Beginnings Of Easter Bunny Portrait

4 comments on “Amish Painting “Noah’s Puppy” Completed

  1. […] NOAH’S PUPPY:  Cheryl McNulty just finished another wonderful Amish-themed painting and I do really like this one.  I mean, I think she captures the essence of an Amish boy and a puppy well.  The angelic-looking Amish boy snuggling a warm puppy.  Now, I’ve been to plenty of Amish farms where a boy that age will sling around a puppy like a rag-doll, or put them in a wagon and pull them, or dress them up,  so, you know, it just depends on the kid. But Noah seems to be a gentle soul and Cheryl captured that.  Click here to see Cheryl’s completed painting. […]

  2. Jean Byrnes says:

    Love the smiles on the Amish boy and his puppy,their expressions just reach out to one’s heart!

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