Amish Girl With Lamb Painting Completed

Wow, this may be a record!  I finished a painting in just a couple of days! I was diligent!

I hope you like how this one turned out.  I left some space on the right hand side so I could possibly place a quote there at some point. I do like how she turned out.

I find for me it is always harder to paint in watercolors then it is in pastel. With watercolor, you really have to make decisions on color choices very carefully, because once it’s on paper, it’s stays there.  You can’t erase or go back and change something last minute….so there’s a little tension there in the experience, but I do love the transparency of colors you can get with this medium. It was still fun.

And of course, on to the next one! Thanks!


Amish Girl With Lamb Watercolor



2 comments on “Amish Girl With Lamb Painting Completed

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