New Amish Pastel Painting Completed, Eva and the Piglet

Well, she’s finally completed! I’m calling this one “Eva and the Piglet”.

She’s just finished her chores and is enjoying a peaceful moment with the new addition to the family, this little piglet. The serene look on Eva’s face says it all.

I am happy with the way this has come out.  Originally, I  had wanted to put more in the background like a muted farmhouse, or fence, but realized I didn’t want to take away focus from the two of them at all. So I just left the colors to look like the trees in the background, thereby just focusing on the special bond taking place between the two.

I may just  want to add a beautiful quote if I can find one that fits perfectly. If you have any suggestions, I may use it! Thank you for your interest and support.

Annnnnd…..on to the next one!


New pastel painting, Eva and the Piglet


4 comments on “New Amish Pastel Painting Completed, Eva and the Piglet

  1. […] EVA & THE PIGLET:  This is the latest from artist Cheryl McNulty.  I do love the way the little Amish girl is cradling the piglet.  The painting captures Amish life as I remember it back in the 1980s, an age of relative innocence…before the internet, before Nickel Mines,before so many Amish were driven from farming because of the low yields.The painting captures that period and I really like it.  Yes, you could still find that scene in places today, but, to me, it’s more reminiscent of a bygone era. Click here to see a finished portrait of Eva and the Piglet! […]

  2. Jean Byrnes says:

    Beautiful, so much expression!

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