Amish Garden, A New Landscape Painting

Hello!  I just wanted to show you a new painting I decided to try.   I usually paint pastel portraits, but recently I have been watching random artists on You Tube painting pastel landscapes at amazing speed, by just throwing color on paper…not even blending! It’s like they just keep placing color over color and it ends up turning out amazing.  There is no real detail, but it’s more like a muted, colorful meadow…or  colorful, grouping of trees, etc. And the freedom!  The freedom of just looking at a small picture and painting what you see, not really caring about detail! I want that!

Well, I decided I would give it a try…somewhat.  I found a small picture from my last trip to Pennsylvania, sat down at my easel…and without even a ruler to measure the house in the picture…I just started going at it!  I just took a hard pastel and laid in all my shapes of where the trees were..the house…the birdhouse…and then started throwing color up on the paper. At one point, like with every painting…I was ready to give up. But I stuck with it. I also took the sunset sky from another picture just to give it more color.

Needless to say,  when I was done, my husband thought I was a genius!  He was like, “You are already done? That’s beautiful! I want to live there!”

I do love the colors, but I still need resist adding more and more detail!  I just have a hard time with that! I will try more paintings and see how they turn out. But, I will be putting this up on my Etsy store soon…I may even sell the original.

Anyway, hope you like the attempt!



Amish Garden Pastel Painting


The photograph I painted from

5 comments on “Amish Garden, A New Landscape Painting

  1. brenda carlton says:

    Love it!!! Please keep us posted as when it will be available on Etsy
    Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing 😊

    Sent from my iPad

    • Brenda, thank you so much! Will do!

    • Hello Brenda, I just wanted to let you know first because you asked. I am selling the original on my Etsy store now. I am a little nervous, as I have never really sold an original of mine other than a portrait for someone. I feel like I’m losing a baby! Anyway, I will probably sell more originals as I need to start sharing more of what I do. I can’t hold on to everything! Just thought I would let you know. Cheryl

  2. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    Oh my gosh, this is so colorful & pretty. It really looks like the original photo. I love gardens. I planted some heirloom flower seeds about a month ago & they sprouted but they are just green leaves, no flowers yet. I’m still waiting! I wish it looked like you’re painting. I love watercolors & I have some that I have been using to paint on wood! You aren’t supposed to be able to paint on wood because it just disappears into the wood but it hasn’t done that for me. I love how it looks. Watercolors look so pretty on paper & wood! Thank you for showing us your pretty picture & yes, I want to live there too!

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