Sarah Hugging The Cow

Hello again. I am finally… somewhat… finished with this painting.  I was afraid to put up this painting too soon, as I kept going back to it and wanting to change things. It still needs touching up …darken, lighten, brighten…whatever. I know it needs something more, but I had to put this out here as I am going on a weeks vacation to….you guessed it…Pennsylvania! So when I get back,  I will work on this some more until I feel satisfied.  I  also added a quote to give it a little something extra, something to think about.

I painted this picture because I know what it feels like when you stop and hug your dog or cat, any animal… and they feel so warm and your troubles melt away. You feel you have a connection with this animal and it just feels so good.  I could just picture an amish girl or boy finishing their chores and just relaxing, enjoying loving the animals on the farm. Maybe just seeking  a quiet place to get away and contemplate.

But anyway, here she is…Sarah Hugging the Cow. I hope you like her.


Sarah Hugging The Cow




6 comments on “Sarah Hugging The Cow

  1. […] SARAH HUGGING A COW:  I’ll admit I was a little leery of this at first.  After all, the Amish aren’t necessarily known for their wonderful treatment of animals.  Well, let me stop….Some Amish are not.  Others, especially children, would do just what this girl is doing in the painting, hugging and loving on the cow.  As adults, many Amish just view livestock as another farm commodity, such is the transactional nature of Amish culture. But an Amish kid?  Yeah, you’d be apt to see something like this and I think the painting turned out superbly.  Click to view Cheryl’s latest Amish-themed painting here. […]

  2. Carol says:

    Nice picture, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  3. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I love this little girl & her cow. It looks so realistic. I can just picture an Amish boy or girl doing this. God gave you a real talent & it’s nice to see you using it & I am glad I get to see it.

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