Pink and The Amish Girl, Update

So I am trying to get as far as I can on my paintings, but I have had to do some of the painting at night in small increments(?) just to complete a step here and a step there. Slowly advancing….

My son, Patrick, is coming home in a week from Tennessee, and you see, my art room is his old bedroom.  So I have been busy trying to tidy and clean up what I can before he gets home so he won’t be sleeping in my pastels!!! I just want to sit and paint and all I can think of is “Clean!” Anyway, I just had to show you something, so this is how far I have gotten on Pink and the little amish girl in the buggy.

The little amish girl is taking a little longer only because I feel like I need to add something else in the picture for interest, like a flower in her hand or something…I really don’t know what it should be, if I even need anything.  So I put the painting in front of me, and hesitate…that’s why her hands are not completed yet. I want to complete her hair and cap and shading while I wait for something, if anything should come to me. But that’s where I am with this one.

As for Pink, she is coming along nicely, but I was hesitating on what the background color should be that would show of her eyes and that awesome white hair! So I finally came up with blue and darkened it around her face so I can make everything “pop” and look brighter. I can’t wait to do her hair. Anyway, I am hoping I can finish these by Friday as that’s when Patrick comes home.  We are all getting together because my youngest daughter is graduating from college, University of RI for Nutrition and Dietetics, although she has still 2 years for her masters. Yay! So, I will touch base as soon as I can. Until then…blessings!


Amish girl daydreaming. Her cap strings are painted and blowing to the side. The bottom of the buggy is painted as well.


Pink…she is getting there. The jacket is blacked in ready for highlights and shading. Can’t wait to do the hair!


6 comments on “Pink and The Amish Girl, Update

  1. […] CHERYL MCNULTY –  This is an update on the progress of her latest Amish portrait. I messed up the link last week so thought I would repost this week.  This may be one of my favorite paintings by Cheryl, I can’t wait to see the final version! Click here to see the progress. […]

  2. Looking at the Little Amish Girl, I had a suggestion. Perhaps she might be holding a small toy horse or some other animal. So far she is absolutely adorable. Hope you can finish her soon! Can’t wait to see what she looks like when you are done.

  3. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I really love your painting of the Amish girl. It looks so real, like she might lift her head up or she might fall asleep. God gave you a talent and it’s so nice to see you using it. I like the other persons suggestion but she seems to old to have an animal in her hand. How about some daisy’s or wildflowers? Maybe she just picked them and took them with her?

    • Thank you so much Gail. I also thought wildflowers! Then I tried laying a piece of tracing paper over her and drew some in under her hand and blowing in the wind. I kept looking at it, and it just didn’t seem to work. I guess I could still add them if I decide to do so. I also realized I could also leave the room for an inspirational quote, too! So many options!
      Thank you also for your nice comments on my artwork, too!

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