A New Amish Painting and Calendars For 2018

Hello friends. I am still working on that Lancaster Collage painting, and for some reason my heart isn’t in it, but i’m getting there. My paintings always get to a point where I tend to ask myself, “Should I have used watercolors or acrylics instead of pastels for this?”  But I think I am using the right media, so I will stick with pastel and see it to the end. I will post a picture soon.

Also, I am starting another Amish painting and it’s a little different as you can see. It’s a little boy peeking over a quilt hanging on the clothesline as tiny bird watches on.   You don’t see much of the boys face, but I wanted to get a grouping of images I love about Amish Country and put them together…nature,the beautiful quilts, the amish children, the labor…it’s kind of all in there…or it will be. Here’s a peek…


My new painting with no name yet

In the meantime, I  also have pics of what my calendar looks like. (These are being made through Zazzle and the link will be at the bottom of this post). I am really excited though because it looks awesome! Whenever I make a pillow, sticker, mug… whatever and see my artwork in print on a product, I feel like I’ve been published or something. It’s just a great feeling to see the colors so vivid, a product someone can use, and it’s MY design! So cool. But  it would  be interesting to kind of get and idea on who would be interested in one, so I can decide how I should sell these.  Anyway….here is what it looks like:



I really like the quality of the calendar as it’s very sturdy and the colors are so vivid. This is medium size and the size open it is about 10.5 x 16.5. I think the quotes add a nice touch to the pages that had the space to do so.

I’m sure these will really make a nice Christmas gift.  I have bought a limited amount for myself to sign and sell at Pebbles and Lace in Strasburg. I will be sending these there soon. I will let you know when they are there. If you are interested and want me to sign one and send one to you, I can place a custom order on my Etsy store. If you have any questions, please let me know. You can message me here or email me at mcprop@cox.net.

Well, I will get back to work now and  please let me know what you think!  Thanks everyone!

***P.S. UPDATE:  The calendar is now up on my Zazzle store here calendar 

8 comments on “A New Amish Painting and Calendars For 2018

  1. […] CHERYL MCNULTY AMISH CALENDAR:  Man, this is awesome, read about – and order – a 2018 calendar filled with beautiful, peaceful, serene images of McNulty’s Amish artwork. Cheryl has also posted a work-in-progress image of her newest Amish painting, one that may be one of my favorites, I can’t wait to see the finished artwork. Check it out and order the calendar here. […]

  2. Sadona Lowe says:

    I really would love to have your new 2018 calendar. Please let me know where to order and the cost. Thank You.

    • Hello Sadona and thank you. The cost is 23.95 on my Zazzle store and if you click on the word “calendar” at the end of the blog post, it will take you there. I can also put up a custom listing for you on my Etsy Shop when the calendars arrive here…they should be here in a few days. You can message me over on my Etsy shop and I can reply back to you when they get here and then I can tell you when your custom order is up to purchase. It would be $23.95 plus $4.00 S+H on my shop. Thank you for your interest!

  3. Carol says:

    Hi Cheryl, The calendar is lovely!! Is it possible for you to let us know the cost per item, to whom to make out a check in payment(incl S+H), address where to send payment, for those of us who do not order over the Internet?
    Thanks and many blessings to you and yours! Carol Lukaszewicz

    • Hello Carol and thank you. The calendars are $23.95 plus 4.00 S+H. I have a limited supply that I will have on hand here. They have not arrived yet, but should be here in a couple of days. If you pay by check, I just have to wait for the check to clear before sending the calendar out to you. You can make the check out to Cheryl Ann McNulty, and address is 57 Don Avenue, Rumford RI 02916. Please send me the shipping address in the envelope when you send the check. Thank you again.:))

  4. Christal Dueck says:

    I am from Canada and would love to order the Amish calendar. Do you ship to Canada? I could not see where to place my order.


    • You could order through my Zazzle store…just click on the word “Calendar” at the end of the blog post and it will take you right to the calendar listing…that’s the easiest. I am still waiting for my limited supply of calendars that I ordered to get here, and when they do. I can let you know and I can put up a custom order for you on my Etsy shop to purchase it there as well. My Etsy shop also ships to Canada. I will message you here or you can message me on Etsy and I can let you know when they come in. Thank you!

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