Anna In The Orchard, An Amish Watercolor Completed

First let me say thanks to all those who gave me some awesome input for ideas for finishing this painting. It was extremely helpful.  It’s also nice to know that you are interested in my work. Thanks so much!

Well, I finally finished…I think. I just might add a couple of peaches in the branches above Anna at some point…not sure. But, I did use some muted trees for the background and the simple leaves for the foreground so it framed Anna somewhat.

The butterfly here needed to look more realistic than cartoonish or simplistic, like I’m so used to drawing, because it would have been out of place otherwise with such a realistic, little girl.  I really didn’t want to put anything else, but sky around her pretty face. The space here works well too, in case I decide to place a small quote or saying for a cute note card at some point.

Unfortunately, I had gone too far with this painting when I saw the idea for the wagon. I could have done that I think,  but maybe for the next one.  I’m sure there will be more orchard paintings….hmmm…apple orchard….pumpkins….uh-oh…more ideas!  Thanks to all and hope you like the completed picture!

Also, prints are sold on my Etsy at!



9 comments on “Anna In The Orchard, An Amish Watercolor Completed

  1. amishcook says:

    I like the way this turned out, I’ll post a link to it on Amish365 tomorrow!

  2. […] dancing of a butterfly causing her to pause while picking peaches.  Great portrait as usual! Click here to see the finished portrait!  Related article:  Cheryl is non-Amish and does Amish-themed art, but what about Amish artists? […]

  3. Helen says:

    That is so beautiful and an see a child being distracted by a butterfly.

  4. Hazel says:

    I love it!

  5. Beautifully done. It will be enjoyable following along and sharing encounters with you.

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