Portrait of Aster Completed

Hello again.

Well, here it is! The finished portrait of Aster!  I hope you like it.

So sorry it took so long, but I wanted to make sure Kevin Williams got the portrait safe and sound( it ended up getting there the day before Christmas) and that they opened it, viewed it and everything… before I put the portrait up here on my blog.

Anyway, they all loved the portrait and Kevin said Aster had a cute reaction when it was opened. That made me really happy, of course. He could probably tell you more of what happened, but I am just glad it got there and it is safe, and once it is under glass, it will last a lifetime! Enjoy Kevin Williams and family.  Aster was a joy to paint!

Also, I now have a listing I created on Etsy made just for  ordering portraits. In case you are interested it is here:


A gift that can last a lifetime. Thank you!


Aster reference photo


Portrait Of Aster Completed


28 comments on “Portrait of Aster Completed

  1. Josephine Oliver says:

    It’s absolutely beautiful.

  2. Nana says:

    Beautiful-you truly captured her.

  3. brenda says:

    it is a great success !! I should imagine having the subject see herself looking back at her and having a favorable recognition has to be an artists delight.
    thank you for sharing..

  4. Cyndy Keyes says:

    Do you do pictures of a persons home from a photo?

  5. Kathy Barnes says:

    The painting of Aster is awesome I’m sore Rachel will love it.

  6. Carol says:

    Just beautiful! Such a wonderful treasure!

  7. Deborah Stark says:

    How lovely!

  8. Dee Carter says:

    She is beautiful in the portrait and the picture!

  9. Judith Hamilton says:

    It is just beautiful. She looks like she stopped by just for a moment then went back out to play! Cheryl really got the “adorable little girl” look just right. Great job.

  10. Tim Robertson says:

    Very good.

  11. Just beautiful. So precious!

  12. amishcook says:

    Super job, Cheryl…you really captured her face, the sort of impish nature of a 3-year-old comes right through, we’ll be treasuring this one for a long time! Thank you for creating such an outstanding piece of work!

  13. Helen says:

    That is so beautiful and so life like. You are very talented.

  14. […] definitely has a talent for capturing the personality and soul of a person.  So…drumroll…without further delay, you can click here to see the finished portrait of …  Hmmmm, does that mean I have to do the same thing for Beatrice when she is Aster’s […]

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