Portrait Of Aster Continued…

Hello everyone!

I have two more stages completed to show you here on Aster’s portrait.  I somehow feel hesitant to show these, as I am so used to showing beginning and end stages of all my portraits…not really the “in between” stages, which are the most difficult. That’s the stage where I usually feel like things are not working out or that the end stage is not going to be what I expected it to be. It’s the stage where placement of hair, light and shadows really matter, and  I have to keep touching up, adding and taking away. Balancing colors of lights and darks… it can be very intense, but very rewarding in the end. So please understand that what you are seeing is just the beginning of adding shapes and shadow and light.


Aster reference photo


The first stages of the hair, shadows and highlights on face. A simple gray and white background get placed in so we have somewhere to start.

Here you can see I have added the background just to have some color to frame the face for now. I will be adding some more color to this background near the end of the process, to bring everything together. Maybe some warm browns and touches of pink and turquoise that are in her shirt. You can see also, I added a little squiggle of turquoise near her neck reminding me what the color will be. Now I can make sure I keep her face color warm.


This stage more highlights are added to hair, more colors to background and shirt color is added.

As you can see here, the color is added to her shirt now, the shape of her hair is slowly being added and with more highlights. You can see touches of color now in the background or turquoise and pink with the grays. But here is still much more to do!  So sorry for the color here too, as the glow from my light is making the colors a little more yellow than they actually are in this picture. The cloudy days here prevent me from getting a good picture!

Anyway, the last pictures are yet to come and this is where I get really picky. I have to know when to stop touching it. It’s when I need to realize that nothing more can be added or taken away, it’s completed. Hope you like what you see so far. It’s almost done, Kevin!

Back to the drawing board!



12 comments on “Portrait Of Aster Continued…

  1. brenda says:

    what a treasure for the Williams Family. I hope Kevin will have his camera handy for the beautiful reactions for each of his family members as they have this revealed to them. and then share them with all of us.

  2. Helen says:

    That is beautiful. What a beautiful picture for the Williams family. Something they will have forever.

  3. […] I’ve frequently posted links to Cheryl McNulty’s Amish-themed artwork on this site. I love the way she captures authentic Amish ambiance.  But she also paints other subjects besides the Amish and those also really capture the subject she is focusing upon. So when she offered to paint a picture of my 3-year-old daughter Aster, I jumped at the chance.  It’s a surprise for Aster and Rachel, I think they’ll both be as blown away as I am by it.  Last night Cheryl posted another “work in progress” update of the Aster portrait. I think it looks amazing but, she emphasizes that she is not done yet.  Sheesh, if it looks this good now (I am biased), I can’t to see the final version!  Click here to see the latest progress on the Aster portrait. […]

  4. Nana says:

    Very impressive even at your ‘between stage”.

  5. Leona Sturtz says:

    It is truly beautiful.Very impressive, I am sure everyone will love it.

  6. Kate Eastburn says:

    Absolutely beautiful and it isn’t finished yet.

  7. Kate Eastburn says:

    Absolutely beautiful and it isn’t finished yet. Cannot wait to see completed picture. What wonderful gift.

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