Natalynn and Jack

I almost forgot to post these two portraits I finished of my nephew’s children.  I’m trying to see if I can finish doing all of the children in the family, just to do it and say I did it.  Hey, it’s great practice,too!

I do love the way these two came out.  I’ll never understand it, but I always get to a point in a painting where I feel like it’s just not working. I’ll just keep at it, change things, add color, erase things, add shading…..  and then suddenly it transforms into a beautiful finished piece. I still look at pieces I’ve done from long ago and wonder how I ever did them. I didn’t have all the access to instructional videos then, or anything! It was just library books, then!

But anyway, here they are..Natalynn and Jack…two pastel portraits.






Natalie’s reference photo


Jack’t reference photo


3 comments on “Natalynn and Jack

  1. Dale Au says:

    Just beautiful!.  Do you do portraits for others?

  2. So sorry I didn’t add to this, but if you are interested in having a portrait done, I do like you see here, just head and shoulders, as I believe the face is the most important part of any portrait. The photo has to be excellent quality of the face for it to be even painted, to see even the slightest details. If you are interested, the price I charge is $125.00 and it is painted on 8.5 x 11 canson pastel paper and I fit the finished painting in a 11 x 14 matte frame so it will not touch the glass when you frame it. You can get a decent frame at any craft store and this matte will fit in any 11 x 14 frame. This matting also helps the painting from being damaged in shipping. At any rate, if you are still interested and would like to send me a photo of the subject, we can go from there. My e-mail is if you would like to send a photo. Thanks so much! Cheryl

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