Sock Snowmen are Back!

I just finished a bunch of sock snowmen ( with a penguin and gingerbread man,too) and put them up on Etsy.  I do this for a short time before Christmas to get away from drawing for awhile. They are so much fun to make, how can I not? I have about 9 more in the beginning stages in my basement right now to add to what I have on Etsy now.  Then I will make some and give as gifts, or maybe keep some for myself! Here are some pictured here with a Gnome I made for myself, that I’m proud of.  Anyway,back to the drawing…and craft table! :)))

Sock Penguin

Sock Penquin “Waddles”


Sock Snow Woman “Sugar Plum”


Sock Snowman “Nicholas”


My Gnome! :)))


3 comments on “Sock Snowmen are Back!

  1. Cute! I might have to try making a few. 😃

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